Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get the rights to print my images?  All of my wedding coverages include high-resolution ready-to-print digital photo files (in color and black+white) ready to print within three weeks of your wedding day.

How would you describe your shooting style?  70% candid/observational, and 30% posed. The majority of your images will be taken without anyone's knowledge, recording the day as it happens. Your parents would probably like a percentage of more traditional posed photographs, just like the photos in their own wedding album - and I take a lot of those, too. That adds a nice balance to your wedding collection.

Do you shoot in color or black & white?   I shoot with professional digital cameras, and you receive your wedding images in both color and black & white.

Do you place a limit on the number of photos you take?  No — at a typical wedding I click the shutter about 2000 times. You receive between approximately 100 ready-to-print images per coverage hour of your day.

How much time do you need for the family group photos?  Most family group sessions last no longer than 25 minutes, usually between the ceremony and reception. We provide you with a handy planner, to help this time go as smoothly as possible.

When do we see our images?  Your photos will be online and ready to deliver three weeks from your wedding day. Our web galleries are easy to navigate and look great on mobile devices as well as large desktop computer monitors.


How do we receive our images? Within 3 weeks of your wedding, you receive an email with your special access to the web gallery. With your special code, you may mark any images Private, that you don't want others to see. Also, your code gives you immediate access to download the entire wedding in large ready-to-print image files in color and black+white. Share the gallery link with all your friends and family as they'll want to relive the wedding day, too — family & friends can immediately download single images for their electronic devices and social media. 

Do you have suggestions for a Wedding that will look great in photos? Don't be late, making you feel rushed all day to catch up. Appoint a 'time czar' in your inner circle to keep you on time. Pick a getting ready room with lots of windows. Don't fill your reception space to capacity. Tightly jammed reception tables are hard to get around for you, your guests, wait staff, and your photographer. Don't attempt too much - few things go as planned on your Wedding Day. Hair and make-up take longer than anticipated, so inform your hair & make-up helpers you need to be ready one full hour before you actually do. They traditionally run late, so with this tip you'll be on time. Get ready as close to the ceremony as possible. Limit automotive travel as much as possible. Take the pressure off yourself and appoint a trusted friend, with the same taste as you, to make decisions during the day. Have the florist or caterer talk with your friend, so you remain cool and unfazed.

When do you start taking pictures? We prefer to start photos 2 hours before the wedding ceremony. That allows for a bit of getting ready photos, mini-sessions with the women and men (separately) and a nice time buffer before the actual ceremony.

Do you bring back-up equipment?  Yes. Full back-up gear is always a reach away in the rare case of equipment failure (it happens).

Can you photograph in a large variety of situations?  Yes. I bring fast, light-grabbing lenses and high-sensitivity cameras in case of marginal lighting conditions. We also bring portable, wireless, off-camera mini studio lights for use when the situation demands.

Do you accept credit cards?  Yes, most major cards are accepted.

Why should we hire you to photograph our Wedding? I’m quick, funny, creative and always have a positive attitude to make the best of unplanned situations. You'll see your images quickly, and your friends & family will love the online experience.

What is needed to reserve our Wedding date?  A signed photography order and 50% 1st payment. Dates are first come, first serve.

How do we proceed?  We'd love to hear about your plans. Please send us a wedding date inquiry below. We'll check availability and respond quickly. Thank you!

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