I’ve always been a natural with a camera. From the start, I just got it. Maybe it was my fascination with family photo collected for generations, or the hours I spent turning the magazine pages of Life, Look, and National Geographic. In my teens, I picked up a nice camera and like magic my photos look like the ones in the magazines — so I became a photographer. Along the way, I've picked up considerable formal training, but none of that 'how to' knowledge shakes the wonder and fascination I’ve always had with documentary photography.

Wedding photographs are more than a record of a colorful and joyous event — they are filled with happiness, and sometimes longing for the loved ones who shared the occasion are no longer with us. These images are family time capsules. As you grow older, you look at the wedding with fresh eyes and a sense of fleeting time. The time that’s passed, and the future ahead. But if I’ve done my job, the joy of occasion is the constant that remains with you forever.

My clients are very diverse. They come from different parts of the world, are of different ages, different skin color, like different music, different food, and choose to display their love in different ways. One thing they have in common is a love of pure, honest moments snatched and preserved for immortality.

I’m now booking 2020 weddings, with a select number of prime 2019 dates still available. Please see the contact button above to inquire about availability on your date.