As a ski resort, Keystone boasts that 57% of its trails are rated "Most Difficult." As a wedding setting, Keystone could claim 100% of events are super easy, enchanted, high-altitude affairs. I've been photographing Keystone events for over ten years and the magic air up there never disappoints. You'll frequently find me documenting events at Keystone Ranch, the Ski Mountain, and Ski Tip Restaurant.



I've photographed many wedding industry members' weddings —Photographers, Wedding Planners, Caterers, Florists, and Officiants. I did a double-take when during the getting ready portion of the day, Callie let it slip that she worked for The Knot. My eyes got big, but then I kept it cool and responded, "well then I better get this right."

That line on about chloroform on the embroidered hanky also brought a double-take. Should I ask? No, everyone's got their inside jokes. Let it stay inside. After a ride of the gondola, we quickly got started on the intimate wedding ceremony officiated by my friend Leslie Ross. The weather was looking threatening so why delay? After a round of family group photos up top, the sky opening up to the most Technicolor sunset and together with the bride & groom my lighting assistant and I made for the overlook for some compelling portraits. Zuma was the perfect watering hole and the toasts, cake, and drinking lasted late into the night.



Alyssa & Garrett planned a small destination wedding for Dallas family and friends who were charmed but the intimate setting at The Ski Tip. A half-blizzard earlier in the week didn't leave any room outside for all the chairs of a typical service (and the bride's Texas relative weren't so keen on Colorado's temperatures). In addition to their world class food and cozy fireplace, The Ski Tip has a nice indoor room for smaller ceremonies. Plan B was just as good, and everyone got to enjoy the outdoors for a cocktail hour.


Scroll up to the CONTACT option at the top of the screen and let me know a bit about your day. In 24 hours, I’ll let you know if I’m available and I’ll some service and pricing details.

Online Reviews for KEYSTONE Wedding Photographer tomKphoto

“Brides adore this Fort Collins photographer’s flexibility, making posed portraits painless and focusing on documenting your day in a photojournalistic style. ‘People look at ease and natural in all of his photos,’ says one bride. ‘I would highly recommend him to anyone.’” — The Knot, Best Of Weddings

“Tom is as professional as they come, not to mention extremely nice and talented! He made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera, and half the time we didn’t even notice he was there. He captured many candid shots of our guests and family, and every picture turned out BEAUTIFUL! We couldn’t be happier with his service and the quality of the product. We have hundreds of pictures to help us remember our special day for the rest of our lives, and beyond.” — Denver Bride on

“Tom was professional, fun, experienced and organized. He made dealing with my very large side of the family a breeze!! Our pictures turned out phenomenal…such a talented man!!” — Fort Collins Bride on

“Tom was an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his services to anyone.” — Wyoming Destination Wedding Groom on

“I was sick at my wedding and had only been out of a wheelchair a few days. He worked very well with me and took the time to take the pictures. I forgot to get a videographer and he did an amazing job capturing all of the little moments. Its wonderful looking back at the pictures and seeing all of those little moments.” — Denver Bride on

“I’m so pleased with the pictures! He got some great angles and captured all the important moments. Very reasonably priced for his great work! Nice guy and actually gets to know you a bit before the big day.” — Fort Collins Bride on

“Tom is a great photographer, most photos are candid and not posed for that really great natural look. In a 7 hour time frame he took around 3000 pictures and narrowed them down and got them to us within the next two days and they were BEAUTIFUL! Our venue and florist thought so too and are now using them in their advertisements. You barely know he is there but he gets the best shots of the day!” — Fort Collins Bride on

“We hired Tom based on the references from several family members who knew him from other weddings. The service and pictures were fabulous. He arrived early, stayed late and had our photos online quickly. Our disc came just after we came back from our Honeymoon. Awesome!” — Denver Groom on

“Tom was absolutely incredible throughout the entire wedding process. Not only is he an incredibly talented and dedicated photographer, but he was also affordable, flexible, and constantly pleasant to work with. Our wedding photos turned out better than we could have dreamed, and I will treasure them for years to come. I am so glad that we hired Tom, and I cannot stress enough how highly I recommend him.” — Taylor W. (bride) on Google+

“Tom was amazing and did a fantastic job! We were a little panicked about the photography – worried we wouldn’t get every picture we wanted, who would we forget, and what would be missed. We even spent a couple of nights making lists of all the pictures we wanted. Then we met with Tom a couple of days before the wedding, and both threw out our lists and breathed a sigh of relief. He put us totally at ease, and took time getting to know us and what we envisioned. Then the day of the wedding came, and he was great. We have large families (divorced parents, remarried parents, etc.) with a lot of personalities and he did an amazing job of rolling with the punches and keeping everyone moving and where they needed to be for the family photos. Then the event started, and I felt like I never saw Tom or his daughter who was also photographing the wedding for us. I was a little bit worried until I realized every time something important happened, I would feel like Tom wasn’t there but then I would catch him out of the corner of my eye snapping away. He was never in the middle of everything, but he didn’t miss anything either. All around a wonderful experience that I am glad we got to share with Tom. The pictures turned out beautifully and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Tom!”  — Cas S. (groom) on Google+

“Ahh I cant say more positive things about Tom. He had the ability to capture the pure emotion and beauty of our special day! The pictures are breathtaking and look like they are right out of a couture wedding magazine! Tom is also a wonderful artist to work with – he made me laugh, feel natural, and sometimes I hardly noticed he was there. I am still in AWE!” — Ashley S. (bride) on Google+