It's fun to watch someone else in the wedding service industry at their wedding. Morgan's a minister, and she's officiated many ceremonies. At several moments during the day, her officiant had to say, "It's alright, I've got this. Oh, and by the way let me share with you some of my ideas about marriage." Somehow I think Morgan & Ian have a handle on a successful marriage. The couple individually has strong family & friend ties, plus they travel well together (sometimes considered the most important variable). Their Autumn Wellshire Inn Wedding had crisp sunset, and we had a fun family photo party next to one of the golf course greens. We documented all the VIPs, and the nieces and nephews got elevated to true rock star status. Together with the couple, we crafted a balance wedding day timeline that was never rushed and allowed for fun moments exploring the grounds in golf carts — cue Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" as it was indeed.



Songs from animated Disney features at top volume was a feature at this Wellshire Inn Denver wedding reception. Outta left field we go from Justin Timberlake to "I'll Make a Man Out Of You" from Mulan, and the wedding party is so into it (the photos don't lie). Not only was surprised at the song but just as surprised that I knew what it was (you know, long trips in the mini-van when our kids were young — didn't everyone listen to that soundtrack?). Courtney's in social work, Tom's in I.T. and their friends, are just nerd enough to know the words to all those songs. Heck of a floor show. Next, Vegas. I love the Wellshire in Winter as there are no golfers to get in our way. No fighting for a parking space and you can roam around the grounds without feeling like your on a tee box (because you are, lol). We got kissed by the most epic January Colorado sunset. Both families were oh so willing to brave the cold to be photographed in front of that.I've been shooting weddings at the Wellshire for over ten years, and it's always a treat — love the English Tudor style. If you're hosting a wedding, anniversary, mitzvah, or another event — I'd be honored to document it. Please click on the CONTACT text button above to see if I'm available on your day.



When I was a kid growing up back East, hucksters used to throw out the cliché "if you don't like the weather, just wait as it will change in 5 minutes." Until you've spent a Summer in Colorado, you really don't know the true meaning of that phrase. Thankfully, Rachel and Dan are backcountry adventurers and weather's always a friend. Sometimes there to kiss you, other times to challange you. This wedding day, weather decided to play BOTH of those roles.

This was a first for me. Dan's Grandmother had an unexpected illness that kept her from plane travel out to the wedding. What to do? Facetime, on an iPad. They kept the connection open all day and Grandparents enjoyed it all, live, from the other side of the country! Rachel's elegant beauty knocked everyone over — especially Dan (fun photo sequence on the front porch when he sees her for the first time).

Incliment weather makes for the best of receptions. I think among the guests there's a spirit of "we've really been through something together" or a sense of sympathy for the Bride & Groom. Maybe the collective thinking is "aw, it rained on the wedding day so we better make the reception really fun." Whatever the inspiration, this reception was a hoot. The band (who also played at Rachel's Mitzvah reception years prior) was also inspired and had everyone up in the hora chair in no time.


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