Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding | Mariel + Ridge

A long time ago in a college town far, far away, three girls met while working at Old Chicago's in old town Fort Collins. The trio became besties — inseparable. The good time vibes were so strong at the restaurant, one of the three fell in love with the manager and married him. In time, the trio would split with two of three amigos relocating to Las Vegas. Imagine Shannon's surprise when her BFF called from Vegas to say, "I think I'm in love with my manager at work." Deja Vu! Hooray, let's plan a wedding. Mariel's visual thoughts on the day were "elegant grunge" — loud and colorful characters with pizza and snacks in a grand old Denver house. Her pick for a venue was the 1902 Grant-Humphreys Mansion, former home of Colorado governor James Grant. It's magnificent neoclassical architecture, and large spaces beg for photographs, and it's hard to take a bad picture while you're there.

Enter, Ridge — The President of Las Vegas. I gave him that title as he's a born politician — laughing, shaking hands, forming a consensus amongst the tribe. He has a special bond with his groomsmen, as they all take annual 'boy's retreats' all over the country. The stories from those trips were ripe material for a gut-busting Best Man speech (and would make a nice screenplay for The Hangover, Part IV).  Scroll up and look at the photos of the group of them walking. You can't fake that kind of friendship. The party was a big treat to Ridge's Nevada family who beat the Summer heat for a nice cool Denver night on the town. A Plus Music had the groove perfected both for the dinner/mingling and the dancing downstairs. Footers also shared the spotlight with three fun food stations, complete with gourmet Mac + Cheese. So ... first Shannon married ... then Mariel ... who's next? No pressure Tonya. Take your time.


Grant Humphreys Mansion Wedding | SHANNON + MICHAEL