Fort Collins Country Club Wedding | Victoria & Stefan

Big fun in FTC CC's  new ceremony space next to the swimming pool. This September wedding had just the right kind of Autumn breeze blowing in, keeping everyone in the bestest frame of mind. DJ Ron Michaels steady leadership didn't help either. V & S added a fun unity ceremony to their vow exchange — called, "Tasting The Elements". Taken from Yoruba culture, it represents the promise to love your partner for better or worse. Or, is that "bitter" or worse? Sour, bitter, hot and sweet were on the menu. Stefan kept it cool tasting the elements. Victoria, not so much.


Fort Collins Country Club Wedding | Deva + Matthew

Indian girl falls for Colorado boy (both are in the computer industry) and an international celebration charms all. A second (multi-day) wedding is being planned by Deva's mom & sister in law next Summer in Calcutta. Deva's got a bit of mischievous streak, and I think that's what really drew Matthew in. She's always quite with a laugh and in another life was a probably a comedy writer.

The Fort Collins Country Clubwas awash in red and other festive colors from the girls' shawls. Definitely a western wedding with a few touches brought by the guest from back home. If you're planning a Country Club wedding, I'd be honored to document it. Please click on CONTACT to the far top of your screen to see if I'm available on your day.


Fort Collins Country Club Wedding | Julia & Grant

The staff at  Fort Collins Country Club worked their magic in "rain mode" to make Julia & Grant's day perfect. We had fun taking posed photos in between the raindrops, and frankly after the reception started it could've been snowing in September and nobody would've known. The day began with Julia's Dad placing a necklace on his daughter that was a family heirloom from World War I. Then on to the ceremony, which was cozy inside the CC's gazebo which was the perfect size for the 150 guests.

The reception immediately started with some toasting, including one from a friend who wrapped the couple in a special love blanket. After dinner, Swing Essence had everyone dancing HARD until midnight! Get a look at the Groom's cake - fitting for Grant who's proprietor of St. Peter's Fly Shop. I was left wondering just what exactly a fish cake tasted like.