I'm proud to be a Donovan Pavilion Wedding Photographer. Along Gore Creek sits a bit of heaven waiting to host your wedding and / or reception. Donovan Pavilion was contructed by the city of Vail in 2003 to host events of every type. The high ceiling 2600 square foot grand hall with matching outdoor terrace is big enough to take guest lists over 200 with plenty of room to stretch out, decorate, and entertain along the creek banks.


Donovan Pavilion Wedding | Lisa + Matt

I don't what age it is when you cease to be so self-obsessed. There's a not-so straight line between always looking over you shoulder in your teen years and high school, so conscious of what everyone thinks of you, to being mentally independent. You know who you are and you're comfortable in your skin. Sometimes it takes a move across the country, some big challanges on the job or a life crisis or two. As a wedding photographer, I can immediately tell if clients have jumped over the bridge. Those on the other side don't care about "how everyone else does it." The know they're crazy (like everyone else is) and they're just going to enjoy life with their crazy friends and crazy family. You wanna know what it looks like? Scroll back and look above at Lisa and Matt's day. Grown ups, lit, at high altitude.


Donovan Pavilion Wedding Vail | Amanda + Jimmy

Bitter cold didn’t cool Amanda & Jimmy’s fabulous Donovan Pavilion wedding and reception. Single digit outdoor group shots? No problem for this crew. Just don’t breath as we’d see the condensation, lol. She’s an interior designer, he’s shaking things up in the financial world. Smell the flowers.

At just over 5,000 square feet, Donovan’s a perfect sized venue for 150 or less. Built in 2003 by the town of Vail, it’s both grand and intimate at the same time. Music is really important to this bride + groom. Friends played favorite pieces during the ceremony, and the Peneplain Jazz Projectkilled during the reception.

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