Two surgical nurses / marathon runners from the East Coast plan a simple wedding in the Colorado mountains. Since starting school, the pair has lived in a half dozen cities around the country, so there's no place they really call 'home' but are working hard to eventually land positions with views of the Rocky Mountains out of the operation gallery.

Kristen's Dad seemed a bit hesitant to let the last of three daughters marry. Aaron's quite the catch, from fine (tall) mid-Western stock, but I sensed the realization of the official end to parenthood — maybe wanting to hang on just a day longer. But the laugher and joy this day was unmistakable. Here's to the first 26.2 years of blissful union. This couple knows how to pace themselves.

Hats off to Twin Owls Steakhouse,  Black Canyon Inn and DJ Jay Kacik for their usual awesomeness.



This couple likes getting lost on Colorado's famed four wheel drive roads. Kevin's Jeep takes them on all sorts of camping adventures and we were keen to include it (fresh from a bath) in a few of the wedding photos. Even their guest fingerprint sign-in board was of the couple in their Jeep getting lifted away by colorful fingerprints serving as balloons. Cute. This Black Canyon Inn / Twin Owls Steakhouse wedding had all the right touches.

Lissa oversaw all the decorations which highlighted members of her family tree that also got married on June 9th. If your great grandparents could offer marital advice from the grave, I wonder what they would say. Would it be the same advice that couples hear during speeches at modern receptions?



Mary & Jayland convinced their Kansas City family & friends to journey out to Estes for destination Wedding (I'm sure it wasn't that hard, actually). Black Canyon Inn / Twin Owls Steakhousehosted the ceremony under their open-air platform, which is so well done. Perferct size, access, and look at that view!

My daughter Helen got some great additional ceremony shots wielding the famed Canon 135L telephoto. I was busy trying out Sigma's acclaimed 50/1.4 and 85/1.4 primes seeing if they deserved a spot in 'the bag'. It's funny, lenses are so personal to a photographer. These chunky pieces of glass that accompany on all your journeys. Like people none are perfect, they all have their own little personality defects. So, considering a new lens is a bit like dating ... a few low risk get-to-know-you excursions before marriage. "Hey what are you doing this weekend? Want to go with me to a wedding?"

Both Mary & Jayland's families offered up some great toasts (um, roasts). Mary's dad had everyone teary-eyed and her sisters presented Jayland with a guidebook "Idiot's Guide To Mary" in case he got lost on his way.

I'm convinced M+J thought the high altitude was going to make their guests famished, as the food just kept coming. Prime rib at dinner, then cake & ice cream, and finally a late night food bar with Sliders, Chicken Strips and Brownies. Breath deep, maintain control. MC Johnny Cruz was convinced it was best ice cream ever.