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When Joel Estes founded this mountain community in 1859, how could he have known that it would turn into Colorado’s Destination Wedding capitol? Whether you’re hosting your Estes Park wedding at Della Terra Mountain ChateauMarys Lake LodgeBlack Canyon Inn, Taharaa Mountain Lodge, Estes Park Resort, Stanley Hotel, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Move your mouse over an image to see where that wedding was photographed. Click the image to see the complete post. Share your thoughts in the comments. After enjoying my work, if you’d like to inquire to see if I’m available on your wedding day, please click on the CONTACT button at top of the page. In addition to full-sized weddings, I love to photograph Estes Park wedding elopements with shorter service times — just you, me, and the Rocky Mountain Scenery.

rings in the greenery during an estes park wedding by tomKphoto wedding party poses on the rocks during an estes park wedding by tomKphoto bride and groom with sunset during an estes park wedding by tomKphoto bride and groom drive off in rolls royce during an estes park wedding by tomKphoto

Estes Park Wedding :: Aubrey & Sergio

They danced late into the night. Right there on the front porch — the same front porch where just hours before they exchanged vows. The same front porch where grandma had played with granddaughter growing up, describing her wedding day that would be way off in the future. All around was the extended family compound, a cherished tranquil escape from the stress of young adulthood. A great Uncle’s vintage Rolls-Royce made for great joyriding around the little mountain town, just like when she was a little girl. Windows down, custard ice cream with a Summer breeze. She wanted her partner to experience it all first hand, so he would know where she came from. The land is now linked to their future. He would understand on day, someday, a thousand miles away when she would smile, hold his hand and say, “let’s go home.”

bride and groom march through a bubble tunnel during an estes park wedding at della terra chateau by tomKphoto

Estes Park Wedding :: Della Terra Chateau :: Ryoko + Trevor

Bride’s review posted in … “After meeting with 4-5 photographers, we picked tomKphoto because Tom was very clear about how he handles his job as a photographer on the day of. He is very quick and efficient at what he does. He doesn’t steal you from the cocktail hour and reception time for a very long time, he doesn’t get in everyone’s way like some photographers do, and he is so passionate and excited about any small moments he may be able to capture. It rained (poured) during our ceremony, and yet he took some of the most gorgeous photos. He is also very good at directing us on what to do during the session. His assistant was also very helpful – she didn’t just take photos, she assisted ME to get to places without tripping down the stairs!”

My daughter Helen and I were so pleased to be able to document this day. Ryoko’s DIY orgami (anyone care to count how many there are?) gave guest a visual treat as they ascended up the staircase for the food stations at the second level of Della Terra. Rather than a first dance, the couple performed a ‘first song’ that Trevor wrote just for the day. Yeah, I’m feeling a little under accomplished too.

If you’re planning a wedding at Della Terra or perhaps another event in Estes Park, we’d be honored to document it. Please click on the camera below to see if we’re available on your day.

bride and groom relax at lily lake during a taharaa mountain lodge estes park wedding in colorado

bride prepares for ceremony during a taharaa mountain lodge estes park wedding in colorado brides portraits during a taharaa mountain lodge estes park wedding in colorado dancing with light around lily lake during a taharaa mountain lodge estes park wedding in colorado

Taharaa Mountain Lodge Estes Park Wedding :: Trystica + Brad

He’s a 110% 24-7 businessman who didn’t have time for dating, but found love in his own office. She’s cool, smart and will be an equal partner in world domination. No sad faces anywhere on this day as both families really loved their respective counterparts — you couldn’t hide it. From Taharaa, we bounced up to Lily Lake for a few photos around the water. Summer in Estes Park is such a treat!

Estes Park Wedding :: Stanley Hotel :: Ranee + David

The spent the Summer day embraced in the arms of friends, family — and each other. There with a view worthy of a National Park, they swore to love, honor and cherish for the rest of their lives. Before she said “I do”, I caught Ranee glancing out to scan the guests. Everyone dressed their best. All those people that had supported her and David since they were born. The grandparents who held their hands before crossing the street. The uncle who showed them how to put bait on a lure. The friends who celebrated the completion of SAT’s and final exams. Most of all, the parents who had created a template for marriage with their own lives. As if to acknowledge the past one last time she let out a big smile, and with an assured grin said, “I do.”

The Stanley Hotel’s Concert Hall hosted this Fort Collins’ couples elegant reception. Enjoying that space forces a throw back to a different era. Purchased from a British Earl who had homesteaded on the property for years, Freelan Stanley needed thereputic retreat for his (then common) affliction with tuberdulosis. Years later the stately hotel was complete, an easy (automobile) ride from Colorado’s Front Range — celebrating the new transporation method. It’s been said a late night visitor today can arrive at the closed Hall to find a full house of ghoests. What would they be talking about? Tensions in Europe? The overthrow of the Manchu dynasty in China? The discovery of the South Pole? Maybe they wouldn’t ponder such heavy topics with the ladies present. Best to tackle those over cigars and brandy after the band plays. Quiet, they’re about to begin.

Along with videographer Tom Pehrson, I really enjoyed the day meeting all of Ranee & David’s special people and looking forward to their future!

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“When it comes to wedding photographers, Tom is the best around. He is incredibly talented and has an amazing eye for interesting shots. We got married in a wind storm and then had it rain during time for pictures and they still turned out amazing. Tom is very professional and a great person to work with. He gets your pictures edited and on facebook quickly, and then sends them to you in a CD. You want Tom to take pictures for your wedding!!”

“I selected TomK because I was drawn to his wide-angle style and creativity. The pictures he took were amazing. I would highly recommend him…especially for outdoor weddings!”

“Tom was amazing. He was fast and efficient and accommodating. Our photos turned out wonderfully! I highly recommend him!”

“Tom was amazingly patient with my overwhelming, large family! Our pictures turned out beautifully from the wedding and engagement session!!!”

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