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I’ve been photographing Wild Basin Lodge weddings for over 10 years, and it’s a delightful venue …

couple enjoys a quiet moment in the trees during a wild basin lodge wedding near allenspark estes park colorado couple relaxes with his and hers motorcycles during a wild basin lodge wedding near allenspark estes park colorado ceremony wide shot during a wild basin lodge wedding near allenspark estes park colorado grooms happiness with bride and groom sunset portrait during a wild basin lodge wedding near allenspark estes park colorado wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-147 couple kisses down at waters edge during a wild basin lodge wedding near allenspark estes park colorado wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-149 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-150 couple enjoys a water moment during a wild basin lodge wedding near allenspark estes park colorado wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-152 ring bearer rests on a big rock during a wild basin lodge wedding near allenspark estes park colorado wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-154 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-155 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-156 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-157 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-158 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-159 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-160 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-161 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-162 brides portraits in the trees during a wild basin lodge wedding near allenspark estes park colorado wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-164 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-165 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-166 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-167 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-168 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-169 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-170 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-171 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-172 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-173 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-174 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-175 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-176 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-177 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-178 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-179 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-180 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-181 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-182 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-183 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-184 wild-basin-lodge-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-185

Wild Basin Lodge Wedding Photographer | Allenspark, Colorado

Year-round, the famed Wild Basin Lodge midway between Boulder and Estes Park hosts some of the most distinctive mountain weddings in all of Colorado. Magazine 5280 called it one of the “last perfect places in Colorado” for good reason. The combination of natural beauty, historic charm, remote tranquility, and excellent staff service make this photographer’s return always anticipated. Following are three selected weddings from great days at Wild Basin Lodge.

Heather + Tony as featured in CoutureColorado

Connections, either real or imagined, to a grandparent who has passed often make wedding plans feel “just right.” A couple of times a year, I photograph a bride who’s incorporated bits of her Grandmother’s wedding dress into her modern one. A groom might choose to wear Grandpa’s cufflinks. For Heather & Tony’s Wild Basin Lodge Wedding, it was the venue itself that was the connection — Tony’s grandparents Honeymooned there … in 1947.

While many things have changed at Wild Basin (I’m sure they didn’t have two awesomely scenic ceremony sites in 1947), the old school charm and friendly staff remain. They all went above and beyond to accommodate guests during the passing rain storm. Would you like a beer with your umbrella? I view Colorado Summer rains as the perfect pre-ceremony gift as all the colors get so saturated and foliage has that just-washed look.

Thanks to my son Cole for grabbing some nice ceremony images and designing the additional lighting throughout the day. We had a lot of laughs with Mike, the DJ For Hire, who had them howling by moonlight. Ribbons and Strings deserve a shout out for their tasty ceremony music. Excellent, hip and fun.

Wendy & Zach late Summer wedding

An intimate destination wedding for these high-tech workers from Wisconsin. Every voice around me sounded like dialog from the movie Fargo. Even the bearded photobomb guy — accent. By the end of the night, even I was saying “you betcha.”

Summer lingers a bit longer at Wild Basin Allenspark — still green into September. We took advantage of the color, getting lost for photos in the aspens. Zach’s dad officiated the ceremony which was drenched in a gets-in-your-eyes sun burst. He was keen to poke loving fun at Zach’s growing up years throughout the day — even down to getting out his cheerished childhood stuffed animal (what IS that?) during the toasts.

Cookies, coffee and bingo were the attention of the warm reception. Now, this really does sound like a Wisconsin Summer evening … you betcha.

Erin + Mike Autumn Wedding

Two NASA workers in Texas take time out for a destination wedding at Wild Basin Lodge in Allenspark, Colorado. Erin’s naturally a writer, and her Aeronautics career doesn’t utilize her love to the fullest, so she journals — a lot. In the middle of the girls getting ready, Erin disappears. I found her … journaling (image above). Thankfully, she has an photo to go with her calm before the storm.

The October weather only half cooperated with us that day. The Wild Basin meadow ceremony was perfectly timed as as soon as that sun ducked below the horizon things got fast and we got to the party indoors! Lots of oranges for the Autumn reception, and no wedding cake … PIES! Ready for your slice.

Their friend Mark from Texas drove up and brought his DJ gear. A perfect match as he knew exactly what songs to play to keep the entertained on the dance floor. That last image, with the crowd all singing. Can you guess the song? Journey — Don’t Stop Believing.

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