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wide angle at sunset keystone ranch wedding keystone colorado

A perfect Keystone Ranch Wedding, at 5.20pm. Who could’ve predicted it, considering the following photo less than two hours prior.
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Keystone Ranch Wedding :: Keystone, Colorado :: Ashley + Matt

The couple’s friends and family (mostly from Georgia) must’ve thought the couple was crazy — hosting a wedding in Colorado amidst the state’s worst flooding in 100 years. Would there be a wedding? Would they be stranded? Thankfully, Keystone is far away from the flooding, but the consistent September rains have made all our landscapes look like Ireland in June.

Music brought this couple together and was a key component thoughout the day. The Save the Date cards were an actual printed Tickmaster ticket, the Maid of Honor speech was composed in song titles, and The Spotlight Dance & Variety Band played an outrageous set that included the best version of “Use Me” that I’ve heard this side of Bill Withers.

Props to Keystone Ranch for keeping everything moving despite the weather challanges — awesome food, too. The property is a bit of heaven — the photos don’t lie.

bride and groom enjoy a stolen moment during a keystone ranch wedding in keystone, colorado the radio band plays during a keystone ranch wedding reception in keystone, colorado first dance dip during a keystone ranch wedding reception in keystone, colorado

Keystone Ranch Wedding :: Rachel + Adam

On her way to becoming a professional wedding planner, Rachel had her own wedding to coordinate and she mastered the time-honored skill in management — Delegate! Her besties were everywhere, helping around every turn. That allowed Rachel to relax and give special attention to her family who flew in from across the country. The Keystone Ranch wedding staff was on their best game and the food was scrumptious. The Radio Band from Denver kicked it at high altitude and Adam responded with a picture perfect first dance dip. Well played! Eventually the high altitude and alcohol combo did its damage. Somehow, a sparkler exit happened and nobody got a branding.

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