Denver Coohills Wedding Reception

Two photos captured during a Coohills Wedding Reception in Denver, Colorado. On the left is an abstract of the neighboring bridge on a deep blue Summer sky. On the left is the Coohills entry mat drawing attention to their address — 1400 Wewatta Street. A joyful bride and groom make their grand entrance at a Coohills wedding reception in Denver, Colorado. A wide angle lens and continuous auto focus was used by the photographer to capture the fleeting moment. Two vertical images from a Coohills wedding reception in Denver, Colorado. On the left is a cute flower girl looking back at the photographer. On the right is hanging watercolor art on the walls of Coohills Restaurant. A bride, groom, four groomsmen, a maid of honor and flower girl stop for a group photo during a Coohills wedding reception in Denver, Colorado. A normal focal length camera lens was chosen to not distort the subjects and isolate them against the oxidized copper wall background. Denver Coohills Wedding Reception | Jessica + Alex

A destination wedding that showed off our great city to a big posse from Iowa. After our two financial works tied that knot at Red Rocks Trading Post, the tour bus brought everyone downtown to Coohills Restaurant on Wewatta Street next to the bridge. A hipster vinyl mix set the vibe for laughs and drinking complete with magicians and group singing. Since 2011, Coohills has set a standard in LoDo New American hospitality. Their location along Cherry Creek allows for quick pop outs with the bride & groom and we can grab a few photos and dash back in for more fun. Have a wedding, not a photo shoot.

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