Yulia + Joe :: Estes Park Wedding Elopement

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Yulia & Joe | Estes Park Wedding Elopement | Lily Lake & Sprague Lake

Joe called one day from an RV, in Iowa. “Hey, we’re driving across America in an RV and was wondering if you’d meet us in Estes Park and take photos while we exchange vows — we threw the wedding dress in the back before we left.” Great! Sounds like fun. “Oh, and could you help us find an officiant?”

A quick call to Carolyn Carpenter filled the missing officiant slot, and in a couple of days we had an instant wedding on the banks of Lily Lake near Estes. This sort of adventure might seem odd to some, but it’s almost like another normal day to Y & J. Since an internet dating site brought them together, it’s been one adventure after another. Jumping out of airplanes, mountain biking, and walking after sunset in the streets of Manhattan (kidding). The Summer adventure was perfect timing as Joe is inbetween passing the Bar Exam and starting his first legal job waiting for him this Fall. Yulia’s between semesters getting her Masters’ in Economics for a second time (guess the Russian degree doesn’t have the same weight over here).

After signing the license on the side of the eBay RV (“Cheaper than renting” comments Joe), we scuttled about Rocky Mountain National Park looking for picture sites — dodging the raindrops and keeping the dress clean (almost).

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