Beaver Creek Wedding Photographer

A just married couple kisses on a ski chairlift during a Beaver Creek wedding in Beaver Creek Colorado. I photographed this from the next chair back, in full ski down wedding equipment, with a Canon 100-400L lens on a 7DmkII camera body. The 7D was chosen for this task because of its 1.6 crop making the 100-400 lens effectually a 160-640 super telephoto lens. With this level of resolving power, pulling in the bride and groom from so far away was possible without cropping the image and losing quality. The super telephoto compression adds a sense of place to the wedding photography and the couple and chair seem closer to their surroundings than they really are. 003-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto- 004-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto- 005-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto- 006-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto- 007-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto- wide view of wedding ceremony in beaver creek chapel beaver creek colorado 009-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto- 010-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto- 011-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto- 012-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto- 013-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto- fellow skiers congratulate bride and groom slope side during Beaver Creek Wedding in beaver creek colorado 015-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto- wedding reception at park hyatt beaver creek colorado 017-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto- 018-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto- 019-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto- 020-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto- 021-beaver-creek-wedding-winter-tomKphoto-

Winter Beaver Creek Wedding :: Jennifer & Benjamin :: Beaver Creek, Colorado

By all rights, this should’ve been a wedding on bicycles, as J+B (and many of their guests) are world class competitive cyclists. The room had a certain Olympic level air to it. It was fun marathon day in three parts — first, ceremony at Beaver Creek Chapel in the morning light — then, a brunch ski down on the slopes of Beaver Creek — finishing off with high altitude dancing during a Park Hyatt reception.

After a traditional morning wedding, we jumped on skis and a grabbed a 100-400 ultra telephoto zoom to get close to the couple … even when I was in the next chair away, lol. The sun was bright and added to the euphoric optimism. Everyone else on the mountain LOVES to see a bride on skis. They hoop and holler, even at a buttoned-down mountain like Beaver Creek. Brings out the crazy romantic in them I guess. Areas around the skating ring in the heart of Beaver Creek are prime for bride + groom photos at dusk. We did a tour stopping at some favorite spots, on our way to meet up with the gang back at the Hyatt. Bride and groom got their share of ribbings from fellow athletes who had competed with them around the globe. That sort of competition and adventure makes for some great stories — most of them PG rated. The dancing lasted late into the night. Howling at the moon and all that. Just a walk over to the elevator and up a few floors before passing out.

I’m happy to ski along with any wedding couples who want a slope side memory of their day. A little sun and laughs and it’s all good. If you’re planning a Beaver Creek wedding, I’d be honored to document it.

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