Vita Restaurant Wedding Reception :: Julie + Chris

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Vita Restaurant Wedding Reception | Julie + Chris

After their super cute wedding ceremony at Denver Botanic Gardens, J+C herded their clan over to the Highlands and a rooftop reception at Vita. This evening was one of those magical Summer Nights when everything right happened. The air swirling with alternating warm & cool breezes, the drinks and laughs plentiful. Around every turn, small 4×6 photos from the couple’s adventures were hanging in expected places — which added a nice continuity to the spread out affair that used every square foot of the Vita. It was an upstairs/downstairs party, that eventually spilled out on the street for the garter and bouquet toss! There were lots of remberances of Julie’s Mother who had passed before seeing her daughter graduate from Medical School and walk down the aisle with the man of her dreams. “Always in our hearts” was the line that best summed up by a dear family friend.

I Found That Essence Rare

During consultations, we debated weather or not a second photographer was vital for this day’s coverage. In the end, I recommended against it as the bride’s prep area (a friend’s house) and the reception would be so tight. A second photographer would be too much for the space. Shooting solo I was able to squeeze between tables, shoot up and down stairs and be fluid in those tight spaces. Some of the spaces got to be so tight, the ultra wide-angle zoom lens in my back pouch get a real workout. The bigger to see you with, lol. You and a few hundred of your closest friends.

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