Love & Lens Wedding Video

The perfect marriage of moving pictures and sound, our sister company Love & Lens tells the story of your wedding day in a way photography alone can’t capture. That perfect toast, those perfect vows, and all those little spoken moments ready for your friends and family worldwide to experience again and again.




  • 3 edited videos — complete wedding ceremony and complete toasts/speeches PLUS …
  • A 5~8 minute, fast paced edited wedding “trailer” with the best moments of your day — ready to go viral if you choose
  • A portable hard drive including all of your edited videos PLUS all captured (but not used) footage from your day
  • 2 Videographers, using 2~4 video cameras in use during ceremony and reception for best angles
  • The second videographer is also a sound specialist managing wireless microphones and feeds from the wedding venue / DJ to capture speeches and vows
  • Drone and Stedicam capture for a smooth and compelling look
  • Your videos ready in 4 weeks — share worldwide on social media — videos easily viewed on mobile devices


Sometimes distant friends and relatives can’t attend your day, but with our hand-crafted videos they can experience your joy with angles and access they might not have experienced even if they attended the live event. Grandma with her iPad gets a front row seat and if she misses something she can replay over and over. Also, we cherish the words family & guests will say on your wedding day. As award-winning photographers at over 600 events, often you’ll hear the most unbelievable speech and think, “wow, I wish someone got that on video.” How fun to look back ten or twenty years in the future and remember the most important people in your life, dressed-up, at their wittiest and most playful.