Vail Golf Club Wedding Photographer

Distant view of wedding ceremony huppah during a vail golf club wedding. I chose a very long focal length lens, a 200mm, to draw the distant mountains closer to the foreground and compress the spatial relationship. Being a experienced Vail wedding photographer I frequently make a contrast between super wide vistas and intensely tight visual slivers. bride and groom spend a moment in front of a utiliities cover marked Vail Founded 1962, elevation 8105 feet. A normal focal length lens was chosen by Vail Wedding Photographer tomKphoto to isolate the couple Two images that highlight the beauty of a Vail Golf Club wedding. On the left is a bride and mother walking over the island bridge during a processional. On the right is a ceremony scene captured from the mainland to the island with the wedding ceremony and Gore mountain range in the background. A 200mm telephoto lens was used for both images. Evening view of the Gore mountain range during a Vail Golf Club wedding near Vail, Colorado. A live band is setting up for a wedding reception while guest enjoy cocktails on the patio. My experience as a Vail wedding photographer assured that I would be able to capture both the mountiains and a silhouette of the foreground activity below. Vail Golf Club Wedding | Jenna + Mitui

“Am I falling for this guy?” was our Denver nurse’s question to herself deep on an international adventure. And why not, after all Mitui is the most successful tour operator in all of Tanzania. He’s face is in permanent smile mode, and he has a sixth sense about making everyone around him feel at ease. Even though our most eligible bachelor on the Serengeti had a lot of adventures on his life’s odometer he was humbled at first seeing the Gore Mountain Range near Vail, Colorado. “Majestic.”

While bride and groom call Colorado home, the rest of family & friends flew in for a destination reunion. It was a Vail Golf Club wedding to remember with perfect Summer temperatures, no rain, and a beautiful island ceremony designed by Distinctive Mountain Events. At some point the reception fades to a blur of time at the shot ski, moments on the hora chair and laughs outside enjoy all those legal things in Colorado.

Vail Golf Club Wedding Photographer

I get Vail. The challanging valley light, the always moving skies, and the unique logistical mix of pedestrian and motor travel. When you play that mix well, wedding images have a breezy yet intimate feel. If you’re planning a Vail wedding or other mountain event, it would be my honor to document it.

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