Tiffany + Loc :: Robins Nest Golden Wedding

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Tiffany & Loc | Robins Nest Golden Wedding | Lookout Mountain, Colorado

Every wedding day has one or two heroes (beyond the bride + groom) who really define the day. Could be an Aunt, or a friend who’s the emcee, but in this case it was T & C’s bridesmaids and groomsmen. Around every turn, they had the perfect level of support and out-of-the-box humor which really made this wedding day soar! For instance, note the ‘help’ bride and groom got during their first dance. Out of nowhere, the wedding party joined them on the dancefloor, spinning around them (perfect pirouetts) which added this elegent bit of effective humor.

Robins Nest is a great venue at the top of Lookout Mountain (I drove up the OMG windy road out of Golden) with top-of-the-world views and access to nice wooded areas close-by for photos. Dressed up with pink accents, the reception room was warm and inviting — the perfect size for this couple’s guests. Props to Tiffany for taking Etsy inspiration and making her own photobooth backdrop covered in origami pinwheels.

There were lots of laughs throughout the day, but the showstopper were a series of games cooked up for the newleyweds. First, Tiffany was assigned the task of moving two golf balls up the insides of Loc’s legs then back down again — blindfolded. Second,  Loc was covered in paper currency and Tiffany was given a grabbing helper stick and asked to retreive the money — still blindfolded. Third, she was asked to spank Loc so hard it would make two dormant glow sticks in his pants pockets light up. Her hand was hurting so hard so resorted to something stronger to spank him with. Wow, huge fun. Finally, Loc’s turn. He was blindfolded and asked to find his wife’s hand purely by touch. Look at who was in the line up. Classic.

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