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bride + groom portrait during Space Gallery Denver Wedding Reception by tomKphoto Denver Wedding Photographer space-gallery-denver-wedding-reception-tomKphoto002 space-gallery-denver-wedding-reception-tomKphoto003 space-gallery-denver-wedding-reception-tomKphoto004 bride and groom flirt during Space Gallery Denver Wedding Reception by tomKphoto Denver Wedding Photographer space-gallery-denver-wedding-reception-tomKphoto006 space-gallery-denver-wedding-reception-tomKphoto007 space-gallery-denver-wedding-reception-tomKphoto008 space-gallery-denver-wedding-reception-tomKphoto009 space-gallery-denver-wedding-reception-tomKphoto010 space-gallery-denver-wedding-reception-tomKphoto011 space-gallery-denver-wedding-reception-tomKphoto012 space-gallery-denver-wedding-reception-tomKphoto013 space-gallery-denver-wedding-reception-tomKphoto014 space-gallery-denver-wedding-reception-tomKphoto015 space-gallery-denver-wedding-reception-tomKphoto016 space-gallery-denver-wedding-reception-tomKphoto017 wedding rings in art during Space Gallery Denver Wedding Reception by tomKphoto Denver Wedding Photographer

Brittany & Daniel | Space Gallery Denver Wedding Reception

Fresh from their Italian villa wedding ceremony, B&D hosted a casual reception among the art for their local family & friends. Fooders Catering was there as well as Elite DJ and everyone enjoyed the cool Summer breeze creeping in through the large opened garage doors. The new gallery is a great space to hang out, sip a cocktail and solve the troubles of the world.

Receptions in art galleries make a lot of sense as the decor is done (and reflects your good taste), plus the spaces are set up for great traffic flow for their regular 50-100 guest showings. Reflecting upon her gallery reception, a client remarked, “People really enjoyed it … It added a personal touch. A few of the guests were even inquiring about purchasing some pieces.”

I’m Painting, I’m Painting Now. Pretty Soon I Will Be Bitter

Art makes for a wonderful gift, for a wedding or fill-in-the-blank. Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor a 69 carat diamond in 1969. The French government gave the United States the Statue Of Liberty as an attitude perk up after our Civil War (it arrived in pieces with some assembly required). Legend has it the Hanging Gardens were brought to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar II for his wife, Amytis, who was terribly homesick for Media (Iran). The Trojan War ended with the gift of a large wooden horse to the city of Troy (there were 50 soldiers inside). The first Faberge egg was created for Tsar Alexander III, who wanted to give his wife an extra-special Easter egg in 1885. The bauble was such a hit that the Tsar did it every year afterward. Here’s a tip — buy art that you like, and maybe it will come back to you. We gave a relative a nice native dish with a painted scene. The recipient returned to us as one of the women in the market scene was topless. They say art, divides the room.

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