Ski Down Wedding Ceremony Steamboat Springs

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Hadley + Tim | Ski Down Wedding Ceremony | Steamboat Springs, Colorado

They had spent so many best-in-a-lifetime days together at Steamboat mountain, why not get married there? Slope side weddings are spontaneous happenings for on lookers, almost like a bunch of singers/dancers doing a viral cellphone ad in a transit station. All of a sudden a crown gathers and skiers moving by are craning their necks wondering, “what the heck is going on?”

So at Hadley and Tim’s appointed hour, about 250 feet from the gondola, a crowd gathered on the slope. Somebody said, “here’s a good spot” then almost immediately Tim arrived on skis. And now the bride, in white, skiing up to her waiting Dad to walk her down the aisle (actually up the aisle in this case). I have to say, walking up that hillside elegantly for a wedding, in ski boots, is harder than it looks. At elevation too — who wants to arrive at their wedding ceremony, winded?

Next the crowd circles in and vows are exchanged. Getting married in sunglasses – only in Colorado, lol. Now that we’re married, let’s hit the slopes! I skied ahead to get a few action shots, and had to act fast as everyone was in a hurry to get to the reception at The Steamboat Grand Hotel. What a day! After all that skiing and dancing, I was tired – can’t image if bride + groom had much energy for anything else after the reception 🙂

Deciding what camera gear to take for an assignment like this is a best-guest scenerio. Have to pack light, but hit all your bases. My backpack was full with the JUST MARRIED signs (first photo above), tape, and Winter hiking shoes (I couldn’t shoot the ceremony in ski boots, I just couldn’t). So, everything had to fit around my neck or in a fanny pack. I opted for one body, an ultra-wide zoom lens for storytelling, a fast portrait lens for the set-up shot with the signs, and a large push-pull zoom to bring the distant skiing up close. No room for a flash, but I wouldn’t need it as snow makes a wonderful reflector for afternoon light. Turns out it was just enough. Lots of angle choices and not too much weight. Everything worked as planned, phew!

Putting together a Ski Down Wedding of your own? Or perhaps another Colorado destination weddings? I’d be honored to document it. Please click on the camera below to see if I’m available on your wedding day!

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