Silverthorne Pavilion Wedding Photographer

wedding couple at sapphire point dillon colorado summit county breckenridge silverthorne-town-pavilion-wedding-tomKphoto-421 silverthorne-town-pavilion-wedding-tomKphoto-422 silverthorne-town-pavilion-wedding-tomKphoto-423 wide angle with couple at wedding sapphire point dillon colorado summit county breckenridge silverthorne-town-pavilion-wedding-tomKphoto-425 along the fence at wedding sapphire point dillon colorado summit county breckenridge couple with big sky bridge during silverthorne town pavilion wedding silverthorne colorado table decor during silverthorne town pavilion wedding silverthorne colorado silverthorne-town-pavilion-wedding-tomKphoto-429 silverthorne-town-pavilion-wedding-tomKphoto-430 silverthorne-town-pavilion-wedding-tomKphoto-431 silverthorne-town-pavilion-wedding-tomKphoto-432 silverthorne-town-pavilion-wedding-tomKphoto-433 silverthorne-town-pavilion-wedding-tomKphoto-434 silverthorne-town-pavilion-wedding-tomKphoto-435 silverthorne-town-pavilion-wedding-tomKphoto-436 silverthorne-town-pavilion-wedding-tomKphoto-437 silverthorne-pavilion-wedding-tomKphoto-438 last dance during silverthorne pavilion wedding silverthorne colorado silverthorne-town-pavilion-wedding-tomKphoto-440

Silverthorne Pavilion Wedding :: Silverthorne, Colorado :: Marjorie + Mitchell

Recent transplants to Colorado host a fun Winter event with so many fly-in guests it felt like a destination wedding. We met for the couple’s first look up at Sapphire Point for all the panoramic views over Lake Dillon. The wedding ceremony was filled with references to the couple’s love of family, and their evident sense of commitment. Silverthorne Pavilion hosted the wedding ceremony and reception, and it’s quite a venue with lots of room to party! I love the way alcohol hits the flatlanders midway through the dancing. No worries — only a few of the photos will make it online 🙂

There’s many great photo sites around the Silverthrone exits on I-25 and I can help work some shooting at one into you wedding day schedule.

You think you’re emotional?

Weddings are usually accompanied by tears, but brides and females of the Tujia people in China take matters to a whole new level. One month in advance of wedding day, the bride starts to cry for 1 hour — everyday. Ten days into the ordeal the mom joins the daily ritual. Ten days later the grandmother makes it a trio. Leading up to the wedding every female in the family is crying alongside the bride. It’s a traditional expression of joy as the women weep in different tones. It’s melodic, like a song.

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