Sarah + Weston :: Evergreen Memorial Barn Wedding

stained glass wide Evergreen Memorial Barn Wedding Barn Evergreen Colorado evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-354 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-355 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-356 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-357 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-358 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-359 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-360 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-361 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-362 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-363 ceremony fisheye Evergreen Memorial Barn Wedding Barn Evergreen Colorado evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-365 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-366 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-367 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-368 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-369 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-370 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-371 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-372 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-373 toasts from above on balcony Evergreen Memorial Park Wedding Barn Evergreen Colorado evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-375 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-376 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-377 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-378 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-379 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-380 drunk reception dancing Evergreen Memorial Park Wedding Barn Evergreen Colorado evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-382 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-383 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-384 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-385 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-386 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-387 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-388 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-389 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-390 evergreen-memorial-park-wedding-tomKphoto-391

Sarah & Weston | Evergreen Memorial Barn Wedding in the Barn | Evergreen, Colorado

Shhh – don’t tell anyone the wedding venue is also a cemetary and crematory. All the guests need to know is that it’s a cool old funky barn that begs for partying.  S & W originally planned for an outdoor ceremony, but this crazy (!) September has been like a June monsoon — so, it’s indoors we go.

An army of volunteers turned the classic barn into Sarah’s dream vision within minutes of the ceremony. The ceremony arbor was assembled on site, Sarah did all the flowers, and many many hands got the tables set in record time. In the crazy buzz of the getting dressed, Weston delivered to Sarah a new necklace while Weston received a surprise boudoir photography album.

Super fun times. Weston asked to bring along the photobooth, which got lots of use (putting it next to the bar helped, lol) and the dancing went late into the (rainy) night. Planning an Evergreen Memorial Barn Wedding? I’d be honored to document it. Click on the camera below to see if I’m available on your day.

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