Sara + Jeff :: Esterbrook Community Church Wyoming

Sara + Jeff | Esterbrook Community Church | Esterbrook, Wyoming

Somewhere between moving from Mississippi to Minnesota, Sara & Jeff managed to squeeze in a wedding/family reunion along the old family land near Esterbrook, Wyoming (take a left at Glendo). Sara had by far the prettiest wedding dress to ever grace the Esterbrook Community Church.

With absolutely no fanfare, the ceremony began. Luckily on my left shoulder was a camera fitted with a ultra-wide zoom to capture the whole scene in the super-tiny historical church. And on my right shoulder was a second camera with a long telephoto lens to get the ceremony ring exchange. My sitting position did not change from the previous photo.

On a clear Wyoming day, you can see your bright future forever! Thinking about a Esterbrook Community Church wedding?  Click on the camera below to see if I’m available on your day!

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