Maddi + Jake :: It’s Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

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Maddie & Jake | Rain On Your Wedding Day | Tapestry House Laporte, Colorado

In Colorado, we’re used to a bit of ran, than runs through in 20 minutes or so but to have a day completely slogged out is so rare. So it was on Maddi and Jake’s day.¬†Shooting there ceremonies was one of my highlights of the year. I love the rain (well, not enough to move to Seattle) and my photo gear is water resistant so to spy on love in the downpour was a treat. I was so pleased M + J opted for Plan A, with a ceremony in the open arena at Tapestry House.

This couple met in Mr. Mc Hugh’s art class during that inaugural year for Kinard Jr. High in Fort Collins. Note the image where he’s surpised to get an impromptu hug upon the couple’s grand reception entrance (love his expression). Worried that their own relationship was getting too serious, the drifted back and forth through high school, finally deciding to cement a bound towards the end of college (since we all live in a great college town, there was no need to venture off).

As the super fun wedding day didn’t offer any great dry photo moments, I offered up a ‘day-after’ session closer to where we all live … along Strauss Cabin Road close to the I-25 exit for Harmony Road. That open space is also so photo friendly and this (dry) day was no exception. Day after sessions are so peaceful and it’s a treat to take an hour or so for bride+groom photos without worrying about a pressing timeline.

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