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Now booking for the 2019 Wedding Season — a few prime 2018 dates are still available.

We offer distinctive, handcrafted wedding day documentation you’ll be proud to include in the journal of your life. 10 years, 20 years, 50 years from now you’ll be able to recall how good you looked, how funny your favorite relatives were, and how much in love you were on that perfect day. To best capture your epic event, we use insanely fast cameras & lenses, take joy in rendering the same scene from multiple view points — high, low, wide, tight. We’re experts in taming the changing dynamic (and sometimes downright harsh) Rocky Mountain sunlight. To see these contrasting and expertly lit images in concert brings a endorphin release like viewing great cinema — starring, you.

Let You, Be You

We let you be yourself, while we quietly document. Real photos require real emotion so we let you be real. If you need a special photo, we take it. For brief periods of time when we take posed images, we make it fast and fun. We don’t make silly people do serious things, or serious people do silly things. The images are a reflection of how you want that one awesome day to be. We don’t care if your wedding is high end or low end, as your wedding will be as good as you feel about it. We like cool wedding stuff (shoes, rings, flowers, decorations) and capture it like a wedding magazine, but it’s not what gets us out of bed in the morning. Our real passion is the photos of the two of you, the photos of you laughing with friends, the photos of your family doting on you. My wife and I are beyond our 20th wedding anniversary, and I can assure your these are the images that endure.

The Best Day Of Your Life, Relived

Within 2 weeks of your wedding day (often before you’re home from the honeymoon), your professional wedding memories will take form online allowing your inner circle to relive the highlights, and see a side of the wedding with moments they might’ve missed. You receive a special code that allows you to mark any images Private (that you’d rather others not see), and allows you instant access to download the entire wedding in high-definition ready-to-print files with personal-use copyright release. It’s a big download — with everything in color and black+white — within 2 weeks you have your wedding images to enjoy, print and share. tomK-PixiesetDownloadDetail

Reach Out for Availability & Pricing — Am I available on your day?

Large weddings on Summer Saturdays with multiple photographers run around $3,450 while off-peak and mid-week wedding coverage begins at $1950. Please inquire about availability and pricing below. My business manager, Sonia, will shower you with details. Thank you!

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