Preserve At Bingham Hill Wedding Photographer

bride and groom walk during preserve at bingham hill wedding near fort collins colorado rings and couple during preserve at bingham hill wedding near fort collins colorado

Kari & Joe | The Preserve At Bingham Hill Wedding

Friends of friends. K+J had been viewing my wedding photos on friends’ wall for years, and I was delighted I could make their fun Summer day. One of those June afternoons you write novels about — perfect breeze and temps. DJ Brian had some nice island music to play off The Preserve’s beach theme. K+J’s dog was a handful, but made for a lot of laughs.

Someone famous once said “a picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.” I think about that often looking back at photos of guests dancing at receptions. When the music’s really good, they look so lost in their happiness. I might’ve exchanged a few words that dancer 20 mins or an hour before, but with their eyes closed on the dance floor the appear like a complete stranger. Where do they imagine themselves being? Not in a converted basketball gym dancing to Daft Punk. Somewhere, out there.

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bride and groom first dance during preserve at bingham hill wedding near fort collins colorado

Preserve At Bingham Hill Wedding :: Eliana + Eric

While doing NGO relief work somewhere deep in the Middle East, bride and groom met on an important project. Problem solving together as friends is a great training for marriage (as is international travel). Many people don’t believe in workplace relationships but there’s not conclusive data to say if they good or bad. Warnings of not fishing off the company pier usually come from somehow who had a bad experience, but I photograph a lot of workplace couples — so SOME are ending in marriage, lol. Spending a ton of time on the job is so natural in the 21st century, of course you’re going to meet someone there!

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