Nicole + Dustin :: Tapestry House Wedding Photos

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Nicole & Dustin | Tapestry House Wedding Photos

It’s a common perception that you need bright & sunny conditions for wedding photos, but N+D’s day at Tapestry House would certainly prove otherwise. Their wedding day’s constant cloud cover provided such rich diffused light, allow colors and textures to really pop. Flowers and decor take on a rich and saturated look, and the men are happier as they aren’t sweating in their suits.

Josh Ratzlaff hosted the couple’s ceremony, puncuated by a lot of laughs and a very unique unity box ceremony. You may have seen a unity box before — it’s an alternate to lighting a candle or pouring sand. The unity box adds a pay-off down the road, as the couple can elect to open their box at a later date (5, 10, 20, or 30 years on their future anniversary). Love letters are written, then placed on the box to be sealed (with a bottle of wine) and opened in an older and wiser day. The crafting of the box  can be left to family members, but sometimes the couple themselves make the vessel. Dustin’s a man of skill and creativity and he crafted the strongest unity box ever — constructed from steel. I took particular delight at watching a bride in a white dress handling power tools. Different is good.

Dustin surprised everyone when he stopped the recessional and offered up another kiss to his bride half way down aisle. After some quick family photos we all joined the reception. Michael from Behind The Scenes catering has got mad fruit carving skillz — even Nicole was surprised by the clever buffet accent piece. Too Much Fun provided the photo booth and usual good vibes (thanks for the photo props).

Congratulations to our favorite teacher and building contractor pair — here’s to years of muddy motorcycle adventures!