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bride and groom kiss during a mount vernon country club wedding near golden colorado mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-051 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-052 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-053 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-054 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-055 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-056 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-057 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-058 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-059 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-060 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-061 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-062

Lisa + Jeff | Someday, We’ll Meet Again

They made eyes at each other and flirted hard in High School, but always mobile military families can be hard on budding romances. The next moment you’re on the other side of the globe, making new friends and wonder what will happen to old friends. Along comes adulthood with marriage, children, careers and everyone looses touch … until social media came along. L & J rekindled online, both founding themselves single again and both looking for a new beginning. Some cashed frequent flyer miles and the chance hitting it off between all their kids gave them signals that destiny was in play. Fast forward to an epic day of celebration orchestrated by Mark Christopher Weddings. This 21st Century Brady Bunch reality show is something to see, and we’re so pleased we got to document it.

mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-063 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-064 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-065 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-066 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-067 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-068 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-069 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-070 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-071 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-072 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-073 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-074 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-075 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-076 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-077 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-078

Jessica + Treavor | Air Cooled Love

That car. Oh, that car. Treavor’s 1960 Volkswagen Beetle has been at the core of this couple’s relationship. She first saw him in it — “hey, cute car” — and keeping it clean and nourished has been their main hobby together. No surprise it made a starring role on wedding day. In addition to keeping the classic Beetle running, Treavor’s a handyman with extreme skills. All the decor was DIY, giving their day a special homemade touch.

mountain view during mount vernon country club wedding golden colorado mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-002 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-003 bridesmaids in a row during mount vernon country club wedding golden colorado mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-005 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-006 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-007 warm dusk glow during mount vernon country club wedding golden colorado mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-009 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-010 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-011 wedding party dancing for joy during mount vernon country club wedding golden colorado bride and groom portraits during mount vernon country club wedding golden colorado mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-014 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-015 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-016 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-017 bride and groom kiss before first meal during mount vernon country club wedding golden colorado mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-019 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-020 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-022 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-023 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-024 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-025 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-026 all dance and laugh during mount vernon country club wedding golden colorado mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-029

Jen & Chris | Mount Vernon Country Club Wedding

A few years back, Jennifer’s friend got her psyched-up before a night out in Killington, Vermont – “you might meet your future husband tonight!” That night, two skiers fell in love. Fast forward to Mount Vernon Country Club and Jen’s mom walked her down the aisle, starting the ceremony off with a happy vibe, which didn’t stop all day.

It’s not uncommon at Colorado weddings to pay tribute to our famed ski areas, saving the Continental Divide’s namesake for the head table. If you can’t have a wedding on the mountain, bring the mountain to the wedding. Ask Mount Vernon to make you those caviar flutes — they explode in your mouth. Congratulations to J+C — I expect to run into this couple on a Black Diamond someday when I least expect it.

Next up, Elaine & Shane …

mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-030 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-031 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-032 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-033 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-034 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-035 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-036 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-037 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-038 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-039 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-040 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-041 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-042 mount-vernon-country-club-wedding-tomKphoto-043

Elaine & Shane | Mount Vernon Country Club Wedding

Elaine & Shane fit together like fingers in a glove (or keys on a keyboard). It was a great day starting with ceremony at Most Precious Blood Parish in Denver. Neither bride nor groom are musicians, yet both come from such musical families. Now, this was a first for me. Together the mothers of both the bride and groom performed a ceremony duet. Priceless. After some photo play at Red Rocks, a super fun reception took place at Mt. Vernon Country Club with all their great foothills views! For the ring shot, I might’ve stretched it a bit … “E” and “S” on the DJ’s computer. How am I doing?

Wedding just aren’t any story. They are the unique coming together of families, and the ultimate exercise in self realization. The day in which you say, “World, this is who I am, this is what I stand for, and this is who I love.” If you’re planning a Mount Vernon Country Club event, I’d be honored to document it.  Please click on the CONTACT text button above to see if I’m available on your day.

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