Millenium Harvest House Boulder Wedding :: Tara + Brendan

groomsmen under entry portico millenium harvest house boulder wedding

groomsmen on staircase millenium harvest house boulder wedding father and bride during processional millenium harvest house boulder wedding groom laughs during millenium harvest house boulder wedding children kiss during millenium harvest house boulder wedding toasting glasses in the air millenium harvest house boulder wedding

Tara + Brendan

15 years ago, Tara’s sister married Brendan’s brother. As respective members of the bridal party that day, Brendan and Tara walked down the aisle together. Tara took a fancy to the funny red-haired guy from another country, but she was only 11 years old. Over time, the two started a relationship. A lot of life happened in those 15 years. School, college, career, globetrotting, and the shared tragedy of both Tara and Brendan losing a parent. In some ways, T+B had been through more together before wedding day than married couples celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.

We invited The President but he was busy

When you think of things that can alter your wedding day plans, no one considers the traffic caused when the President decides to come to town. With just a few days notice, Tara was shocked and surprised to discover that President Obama’s  Colorado campaigning included him speaking less than a quarter mile from her wedding ceremony. Would the town respond in gridlock, preventing guests from arriving? Will the florist and the photographer be able to get to the hotel? Will we be able to limo up to Chautauqua Park for group photos? As it turns out, Boulder is used to such visits and the wedding (or traffic) was never affected… In fact, two of the wedding guests actually met The President while enjoying Bloody Marys that morning at The Buff. During the surreal chat, somebody threw out “it’s going to be a fun wedding, and I’m sure the bride and groom wouldn’t mind if you’d stop by.” Funny. It sure made their iPhone photos a nice pass-around at the reception.

Millenium Harvest House Boulder Wedding

Tara & Brendan’s music tastes delighted my ears all day. I was ear-to-ear grins when the string trio played an instrumental of the Depressiona-era “Big Rock Candy Mountain” during the recessional. Wow! Later came John Prine’s “Big Old Goofy World” during Tara’s first dance with her Dad. Two of my Americana faves!

I always enjoy time spent at The Harvest House, which holds a fun mix of 1950s flagstone architecture updated with the latest amenities. Their outdoor open-air reception gazebo is a wonderful space — protecting guests from passing rains, but open to magical Summer evening breezes. If you’re planning a Millenium Harvest House Boulder Wedding, I’d love to document it! Please click on my father’s camera below to see if I’m available on your day.

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