Mereth + Scott :: Westminster Westin Wedding

westminster westin wedding ceremony & reception

The Mereth & Scott love mixer = two parts Doris Day movie mixed with one part South Park tv show. Long passages of sugary sweet spiked by moments of cynical comedy. Such was my oh-so unique day photographing the romance of Mereth & Scott …

westminster westin wedding ceremony & receptionOh! First a heads up – if you see anyone wearing a Monkey Pin, it’s the couple’s way of saying “we had WAY too many friends to have a traditional bridal party (and didn’t want to see you in those ill-fitting rental tuxes or bride’s maids dresses) so we made you a Monkey Pin to proclaim you’re a Very Important Person.”

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undefined undefined undefinedAfter a year’s worth of painstaking (but fun) DIY wedding preparations the stage was set for a Westminster Westin wedding, right down a to a couple of chairs set aside for loved ones observing from heaven.

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And now, the vows (clears throat) … First, Scott’s …

Mereth, to put into words the way I feel for you turned out to be… Difficult. I started with the classics:  “How do I love thee, Let me count the ways”  “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind”  “L – is for the way you look at me”  “Love is like oxygen”  “All you need is love” (pause for crowd laughter)

While these words certainly conveyed the sentiment I wanted, they paled in comparison to the intensity of my feelings. So I turned inward. I have been lucky to be raised and surrounded by the love of my family and friends.  When I found you that feeling was elevated. I am now incandescently happy and experiencing a true love that I never knew was possible.

westminster westin wedding ceremony & reception - groom cries

You are frustrating and wonderful in ways I never imagined.

I tell you every day but I know you don’t always hear it. I think you are beautiful. You are smart, sexy, funny and I love you. That is my promise to you poopie. I love you. (pause for audience reaction)

Mereth’s turn …

Scott. I love you. But you ruined my well-organized life. Before you, I had total control of the remote, I did what I wanted when I wanted, I could be as OCD as I pleased, and the only ones I had to worry about were my cats.

I should have known life as I knew it was doomed when you showed up for our first date with a Ghirardelli chocolate square and a Powerball ticket. Your warmth, honesty and charm continues to win me over every day. And despite how poopie (not a typo) you can be, I can’t imagine my life without you now.

You help me be a better person – more patient, a little more fun & flexible, a little less OCD about how to stack the dishwasher.

There are many things we don’t agree on: zombie movies, whether or not fruit is more than just a garnish, exactly how healthy deep-fried food is, the number of cats a house can hold comfortably, the wonders of spreadsheets, the importance of the word “obey” in wedding vows.

But despite these deal-breakers, I love you and look forward with excitement to our life together. I promise you this: I will obey my heart, I will obey our love, and for 4 hours on your birthday I will obey you.

undefined undefinedTwo ‘Poopies’ and a ring exchange later, they were married! Hooray! Reception time!

undefined undefined undefinedMereth wants you to know that no Parker Games were destroyed in the making of these table center pieces … old game parts were purchased on eBay.

undefined undefinedHow about this dessert table? Different flavored cupcakes AND rice krispy treats … highlighted by a pair of bobble head dolls … do they look familiar?

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Scott has a thing for yellow shoes, and his monkeys have noticed. The show stopping toast came when friends engulfed the couple with an army of fresh yellow shoes!

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My face hurt from smiling so hard all day. Congratulations to Mereth & Scott, their family, their friends and their cats. Forever starts now.

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