Mc C Ranch Loveland Wedding

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Mc C Ranch Loveland Wedding :: Angie + Allan

In the 1980s I used to see a lot of Grateful Dead concerts. Those happenings could be noted for their unique energy. All day (and evening) there were sustained waves of ecstasy — one after an another. Just as the music, fans, smells, and aura would take you over the edge of sheer joy, things would mellow a bit — allowing you to catch your breath for the next wave. And hold on, because that feeling will continue late into the night. Wave after wave.

Such is the energy of A & A’s jam-band-tastic Mc C Ranch Loveland wedding not quite to Stove Prairie, Colorado (take a left at Masonville). This Craig Hospital nurse and Loveland building subcontractor bonded over music. Rumour is Alan met Angie in the parking lot of Furthur Festival show, shouting out “I need a miracle” (he was ticketless). Just then, Angie appeared with an extra ticket and the rest is history. In addition to sharing my love of eclectic music (bridal portraits were shot to the 1973 album “Headhunters” by Herbie Hancock which has a special magic wafting in the Colorado country air), A & A love family, bar-b-q, motorcycles and college football.

The ceremony was as respectfully playful as our couple. Angie entered with her dad to Widespread Panic “Walkin'” and the couple played a round of Mad Libs with the entire guest list contributing nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs before the show. As read aloud, the randomly fitted parts of speech concluded  THEY ARE THE MOST PRETTY COUPLE AND WE WISH NOTHING LESS THAN JAMMING HEAVEN. Classic.

Props were distributed during the dancing, allowing everyone to take an alter-ego. Angie and Alan both donned capes and became the super-hero wedding couple. Dancing props are a fun trend that I hope continues — no kid energy will be buried inside after you put on a Superman cape! Props to the The Spotlight Dance & Variety Band for being the most ambitious band … ever. They will play ANYTHING … and do it well. Highly recommended.

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  • Dale Lempa - November 27 - 11:57 am

    Wow, awesome color and pop in your pictures. Your coverage feels photojournalistic, but in a fun way. And despite the wide variety of scenes you captured, all your edits have a consistent texture. Way to go!

  • justin lee - December 7 - 3:52 pm

    love these shots man!