The Manor House Colorado Wedding Photographer

Your pulse quickens the moment you turn the corner and see that big house on the hill. That grand estate is a catcher of laughs, tears, toasts and kisses. Ride with me for a few The Manor House Colorado Wedding, in Ken Caryl / Littleton …

epic evening light baths a Manor House Colorado Wedding in Littleton Ken Caryl Colorado view from front porch at a Manor House Denver Wedding in Ken Caryl, Colorado by tomKphoto manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-414 bride and groom enjoy a walk at dusk during a The Manor House Colorado Wedding in Littleton Ken Caryl Colorado wedding dress hangs at a Manor House Denver Wedding in Ken Caryl, Colorado by tomKphoto brides bouquet detail at a The Manor House Colorado Wedding in Ken Caryl, Colorado by tomKphoto bride bride dresses Manor House Denver Wedding wedding party portraits from The Manor House Colorado wedding in Littleton Ken Caryl manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-421 view of denver skyline during The Manor House Colorado wedding in Ken Caryl Littleton manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-424 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-425 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-426 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-427 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-428 reception details at a Manor House Denver wedding in Ken Caryl couple surrounded by guests with sparklers during The Manor House colorado wedding near Littleton Ken Caryl

Kimberly + Sean | The Manor House Colorado Wedding

They love snowboarding. REALLY, love snowboarding. Sean molded a snowboarding pair for the cake topper, the reception guests tables were all named after famed Colorado mountains, and there was a spent board for everyone to sign. Plus — check out the guest seating table made (again by the groom) to look like a SNOWY COLORADO MOUNTAIN. Their October Manor House day was filled with dynamic weather, super tight friends, and adoring family. The guys kept humming 1960’s psychedelic songs so I put their groom’s photos to look like an old album cover. Groovy.

This was my first chance to check out the new reception center at Manor House. It’s a perfect space filled with bright walls and edgy details — extremely photo friendly.

manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-431 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-432 brides wedding shoes hang from chandelier at Manor House Denver wedding in Ken Caryl manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-434 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-435 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-436 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-437 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-438 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-439 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-440 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-441 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-442 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-443 bride and groom enjoy the Southern view of the front porch at a Manor House Denver wedding in Ken Caryl manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-445 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-446 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-447 bride and groom in the air in horah chairs at Manor House Denver wedding in Ken Caryl

The Manor House Colorado Wedding | Rachel + Dan

When I was a kid growing up back East, hucksters used to throw out the cliché “if you don’t like the weather, just wait as it will change in 5 minutes.” Until you’ve spent a Summer in Colorado, you really don’t know the true meaning of that phrase. Thankfully, Rachel and Dan are backcountry adventurers and weather’s always a friend. Sometimes there to kiss you, other times to challange you. This wedding day, weather decided to play BOTH of those roles.

This was a first for me. Dan’s Grandmother had an unexpected illness that kept her from plane travel out to the wedding. What to do? Facetime, on an iPad. They kept the connection open all day and Grandparents enjoyed it all, live, from the other side of the country! Rachel’s elegant beauty knocked everyone over — especially Dan (fun photo sequence on the front porch when he sees her for the first time).

Incliment weather makes for the best of receptions. I think among the guests there’s a spirit of “we’ve really been through something together” or a sense of sympathy for the Bride & Groom. Maybe the collective thinking is “aw, it rained on the wedding day so we better make the reception really fun.” Whatever the inspiration, this reception was a hoot. The band (who also played at Rachel’s Mitzvah reception years prior) was also inspired and had everyone up in the hora chair in no time.

For an alternate take on the day, check out Manor House’s blog.

bride and groom leave reception under a shower of flower petals at Manor House Denver wedding in Ken Caryl manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-450 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-451 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-452 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-453 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-454 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-455 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-456 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-457 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-458 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-459 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-460 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-461 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-462 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-464 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-465 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-466 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-467 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-468 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-469 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-470 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-471 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-472 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-473 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-474 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-475 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-476 manor-house-wedding-denver-tomKphoto-477

Gretchen & David | The Manor House Colorado Wedding | Ken Caryl

All hail the matchmakers! I have a special affinity to any couple who was matched-up by friends, and Sonia and I were set-up by a friend (Scott Arbough / KBCO Radio) and we’ve been married almost 20 years. Your friends know you — what makes you tick, what you aspire to, and chance are you’ve said out loud what you’re looking for in a mate. G & D’s Maid of Honor and Best Man were indeed their match makers — but rather ambitious ones as David was in Southern California in seminary school so the meets involved plane tickets and Skype. I can imagine the look on anyone’s face when they here, “we have the perfect person for you, but … he’s in California.”

So, tens of thousands of frequent flyer miles and gigabytes of bandwidth later, we have a wedding. Manor House was the perfect canvas for this special day offers the perfect mix of old skool elegance and Colorado outdoor funky. On a clear day (and the right lens) you can see through Ken Caryl valley all the way to Denver. Shout out to my uber-talented friend Sean Lara for sharing photography duties. We had a little weather to contend with, but always found a fun work-around and the photos never suffered.

I’m thankful to get so many positive online reviews for my work. Here’s Gretchen’s from WeddingWire …

When it comes to wedding photographers, Tom is the best around. He is incredibly talented and has an amazing eye for interesting shots. We got married in a wind storm and then had it rain during time for pictures and they still turned out amazing. Tom is very professional and a great person to work with. He gets your pictures edited and on facebook quickly, and then sends them to you in a CD. You want Tom to take pictures for your wedding!! 

To see if I’m available for your Manor House Denver Wedding, click on the CONTACT link at the top of the page.

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