Lionscrest Manor Wedding :: Shan Shan + Albert

Shan Shan + Albert

Yale medical student meets Yale legal student, and two lives are changed forever. Graduate school and early career moves land the couple in Colorado where life settles down long enough (phew!) to tie the knot and celebrate the coming together of two families. The shared experience of long hours in front of the books cemented friendships, and those battle-worn college friends accounted for most of the bridal party. I particularly liked the getting ready moment of all the girls taking turns looping the buttons on the back of Shan Shan’s wedding dress. We’re all in this together!

The honorable Judge Hada officiated the wedding ceremony, which was well-photographed by the guests (I roll my eyes). I joke that cameras and iPhones are so compelling to wedding guests these days that they actually forget to be guests! Case in point, nobody remembered to throw out the flower petals during the recessional (so hard to do with an iPhone in your hand). Turning lemons into lemonade, we photographed bride + groom kissing under a shower of fresh petals — Hooray!

Lionscrest Manor Wedding

The couple’s entrance in the ballroom at Lionscrest was one-of-a-kind. After a short first dance that was cut-off by the DJ, all the bridal party jumped up for an over-the-top dancing rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video, which ended in a circle dance with all of the wedding guests. Wow.

A Chinese Wedding day will often begin with a tea-pouring ceremony in which the bride is formally introduced to the groom’s family. This is followed later in the day by a second tea ceremony at the bride’s house. It’s a time-tested way to show respect and spend a few quiet moments with family in a hectic day. Because of scheduling challenges, Shan Shan wisely chose to include the ceremony in the Western-style reception after changing into a technicolor red wedding dress (which she wore for the rest of the evening). The parents were honored (beaming with pride) as were close relatives — especially Shan Shan’s Auntie, who served as ad-hoc wedding coordinator, and was vital to the celebration.

A shout out to Greenspoint Catering for their usual awesome food and elegant service and presentation. They cater so many weddings I photograph, and always make such an impression on guests.

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