Kristen + Paul :: Hilton Fort Collins Wedding

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Kristen + Paul | Hilton Fort Collins Wedding

There were a few before Paul — but none were worthy of Kristen’s kind soul, forgiving nature and large laugh. The toast from the maid-of-honor included references to what jerks a few of the early would-be suitors were. Keeping her guard down allowed her to experience the complete personality of a man. Rough edges would be exposed quicker, thus allowing a caring and mature mate to be overwhelming. Enter, Paul … a gentlemen.

Kristen and Paul were already married in their hearts, so a beautiful Christmas Hilton Fort Collins wedding was more a formality and family celebration. Force everyone together for wine and song … maybe a little caroling. Marc Salkin made the huge hotel atrium space seem warm & cozy as he spoke of commitment and the art of managing destiny. Fate might put the two perfect people together, but there’s work and maintaining that perfection. Paul Wozniak turned up the volume after the speeches and ceremonial dances so all the guests could join the revelry — thanks for playing my requests!

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