Kristen & Mark :: June Fort Collins Wedding

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Kristen + Mark | June Fort Collins Wedding | Tapestry House

Flowers. Kristen really wanted flowers for her Tapestry House wedding to Dr. Mark. Who to help but Sharon from Best Day. It was floral eye candy around every turn. Fort Collins was a central rallying point for the couple whose family & friends came from all over to enjoy the day. I should say ‘enjoy the weekend’ as they were bunkered up at Tapestry House for several days.

Despite raging wild fires making international news less than a couple of miles from the wedding site, you’d never know to look at the images. A hearty thank you to the firefighters for keeping the flames away from Laporte (which was on pre-evactuation notice just days before Kristen & Mark arrived).

A dramatic moment during the perfect-weather ceremony was the ring warming. Each guests holds the ring for a moment, while adding a positive wish for the couple’s new future. Kristen & Mark opted to attach the rings to a pillow to make them easier for all hands to pass around. It’s a subtle way to make a 100 guest wedding seem more intimate. Reverend Ritchie pulled all the elements together in his usual warm & smooth way.

We came to party

After some quick family photos, the reception quickly got underway. Behind The Scenes provided an excellent plated dinner, the cake was by Nancy Best and DJ Brian from MC Johnny Cruz ushered in the first dance, and fun the went late into the evening. At some point, the groomsmen’s shirts came off (but ties stayed on), and the the girls were sliding across the dancefloor. My lighting assistant asked, “did the bride just slide across the floor in her wedding dress?” Nice. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” has shown up on a few internet lists for ‘Best Wedding Party Dance Song’ and there are always a number of wedding guests who seem to instinctively know exactly all the moves — alcohol or not. All the finishing touches were provided by Flexx Productions.

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