Kelsey + Seth :: Tapestry House Laporte

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Kelsey + Seth | Tapestry House Laporte

Ask either Kelsey & Seth what their favorite class in college has been and they’ll both enthusiastically respond, “Astronomy.” That’s where our newlyweds met, and a later move by Seth to a house on Constellation Drive set the planetary alignment in motion. I’m serious, they live on Constellation Drive.

Kelsey’s the quiet one, and Seth packages enough outgoing for two. His calm, forward demeanor and sharp beard give him an air far beyond his years.

Bobbie & Judy at Tapestry House hosted a fun Autumn morning event, and it reminded me how much I love morning weddings, especially in Colorado. The air so crisp and the sun radiant. And I have to add a never-ending thanks to Tapestry House for all the fine photographer hospitality!

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