Julie + Travis :: Sanctuary Golf Course Wedding

bride and groom kiss at sunset during sanctuary golf course wedding in sedalia colorado sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-02 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-03 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-04 bridal portraits during sanctuary golf course wedding in sedalia colorado sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-06 ring bearer during sanctuary golf course wedding in sedalia colorado sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-08 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-09 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-10 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-11 ceremony telephoto with mountains during sanctuary golf course wedding in sedalia colorado sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-13 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-14 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-15 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-16 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-17 bride and groom portrait by the waterfall during sanctuary golf course wedding in sedalia colorado sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-19 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-20 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-21 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-22 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-23

sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-001 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-002 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-24 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-25 bride and groom first dance during sanctuary golf course wedding in sedalia colorado sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-27 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-28 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-29 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-30 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-31 sanctuary-golf-course-wedding-colorado-tomKphoto-32 night time waterfall portrait during sanctuary golf course wedding in sedalia colorado

Julie & Travis | Sanctuary Golf Course Wedding | Sedalia, Colorado

Weddings sometimes have the unique ability to be the ultimate family bonding events. They can be a reason for long-fueding family members to get together and reconcile, and they pull together siblings made distant by today’s world of job related travel and relocation. In Julie’s case, it was public coming together after the death of her only brother in a house full of girls. Steve was to walk her down the aisle on the big day, but fate had different plans. The girls left out a boutonniere, nearby on a table for Steve next to a symbolic lantern. During the processional, the emotion overtook many in the audience. It was largely kept in check during the celebration phase of the day except for the ring bearer’s surprising toast about remembering (and celebrating) the dead. It was the most astonishing speech I ever heard from a young person and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Travis and Julie have been a thing for almost 9 years, and a mutual friend actually thought they WERE married — lol. They’ve always gone together like peas & carrots. He’s in I.T., and she’s on the Physical Therepy team that assisted David Liniger‘s famed recovery. I’m sure Julie gets a lot of strength from seeing her clients rebuild and recover after adversity — no doubt it contributed to her strength during this year’s family challange.

The Sanctuary was its usually stunning self for J+T. Everything in it’s place, with sweeping views and a perfect sunset. Kids love playing around the water fountain and the running on the expansive greens. Since the golfing is limited to charity events you can enjoy the landscape without worrying about getting hit by flying white objects. If you’re planning a Sanctuary Golf Course Wedding or other event, it would be my honor to document it. Please click on the camera below to see if I’m available on your day.

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