Julie + Kevin :: Evangelical Covenant Church Fort Collins Wedding

evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-001 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-002 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-003 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-004 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-005 bride portrait evangelical covenant church fort collins wedding evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-007 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-008 groom with 1947 buick evangelical covenant church fort collins wedding evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-010 bride and father during processional evangelical covenant church fort collins wedding ceremony wide ceremony evangelical covenant church fort collins wedding evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-013 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-014 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-015 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-016 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-017 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-018 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-019 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-020 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-021 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-022 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-023 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-024 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-025 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-026 evangelical-covenant-church-fort-collins-wedding-tomKphoto-027

Julie & Kevin | Evangelical Covenant Church Fort Collins Wedding

Two aviation industry professionals grounded themselves for a fun weekend, marrying in front of family and friends at Evangelical Covenant Church in Fort Collins. And on to the super fun reception at Drake Centre with MC Johnny Cruz! The church is very close to my house and everywhere I turned were familiar faces including one my son’s teachers in the bridal party (“hey, don’t I know you?”). Julie’s humor is very subtle — she’s dishing out the lines if you’re paying attention. Sometimes she deliver a joke and I’d have delayed reaction and would laugh 40 seconds later (resulting in some odd stares from the Church staff).

How about that car? 1947 Buick Roadmaster designed by the mythical Harley Earl with a Fireball straight-8 and a Dynaflow automatic transmission. Sweet. An uncle loaned it for the day. It started right up and didn’t require any babying.

Julie had some great Halloween touches at the Drake Centre, including the carved greeting jack-o-lanterns and plenty of orange & brown highlighting the tables. The chocolate apples were a nice October touch, though I was worried about the big knife used to cut the apple (rather than cutting the cake). Dude, you’re scaring me with that thing. When I looked at covered apples, I flashback to being a kid and the disappointment of never being able to finish one. They seemed as big as my head.

Congratulations to Julie & Kevin! Can’t imagine where the free plane tickets will take you on your honeymoon!

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