Jill + Mitchell :: Lincoln Center Fort Collins Wedding

bride and groom during recessional during a Lincoln Center Fort Collins Wedding lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-55 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-56 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-57 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-58 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-59 groomsmen around monster truck Lincoln Center Fort Collins Wedding lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-61 groomsment hanging out in restroom Lincoln Center Fort Collins Wedding lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-63 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-64 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-65 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-66 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-67 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-68 ceremony wide shot Lincoln Center Fort Collins Wedding lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-70 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-71 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-72 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-73 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-74 groom give ring to officiant Lincoln Center Fort Collins Wedding lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-76 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-77 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-78 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-79 reception cup cakes Lincoln Center Fort Collins Wedding lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-81 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-82 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-83 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-84 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-85 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-86 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-87 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-88 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-89 lincoln-center-wedding-fort-collins-90

Jill + Mitchell | Lincoln Center Fort Collins Wedding

It was so hot, I almost melted. Joking (not really) but a small attachment one of my stand-mounted flashes did get soft and melted a bit in the sun. Thankfully the renovated Lincoln Center is air conditioned and I was able to shuttle everyone in and out of the cool air for photos. In the West it’s a dry heat, and anyone (even in a tux) can take it for a few minutes.

My favorite photo moment was Mitchell reaching out during ceremony to the ring bearer with a reward for his hard work. Is that a Jolly Rancher apple sucker? Love those.

If you’re putting together a Lincoln Center Fort Collins Wedding or other event in the area, it would be my honor to document it. Please click on the camera below to see if I’m available on your day.

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