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Hillside Gardens Wedding Reception Colorado Springs :: Meg + Mark

Following a warm, creative and colorful ceremony, I predicted M+M’s reception would be a show-stopper. Honestly, I wasn’t expcting this. Just … wow. Bits of Spring sun poked through the clouds to add dramatic light to the grounds of Hillside Gardens which is part plant nursery, part event center, part junkyard, part kinetic sculpture garden.

So much to see and do, as Neil and divided up capturing all the D-I-Y details. Mother Of The Bride and friends spend what seemed like a lifetime preparing for the day. The Gardens’ eclectic vibe was the perfect match to the polaroid photo & prop booth, and take a moment to look over the table seating scheme — a vintage card catalog cabinet held your name card … just don’t get bit by one of the gremlins!

MC Johnny Cruz was in the house to keep the music flowing and a dear friends of the bride’s family handled all of the catering, details and arrangements. President Abraham Lincoln once said “I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down…”. I really got the sense journaling this special day the these Colorado Springs friends were all channeling Lincoln. All of them upping the ante on creative contribution. Just look at the results!

If you (and your friends) are planning a Colorado Springs wedding at Hillside Gardens or elsewhere in town, I’d be honored to document it. Please click on the camera below to see if I’m available on your day!

Hillside Gardens Wedding Colorado Springs :: Christine + Tim

Christine found me through a friend and I was very excited to photograph her and Tim’s wedding at Hillside Gardens Colorado Springs. The venue has a well-deserved reputation for Colorado funky and I was anxious to see it. The grounds are sprawling, with whimsical metal sculptures and great color around every turn.

After a blustery afternoon, the wind died down just enough for Christine & Tim’s East meets West extravaganza. Christine’s relatives came from New York to Alaska to celebrate life’s next chapter. Just before the Colorado Springs wedding, Christine finished a stint on an Alaskan fishing boat, which wins the award for the most unusual profession of any bride I’ve ever photographed.

Tim’s a bicycle man on a different level. Into bikes of all kinds — mountain, cruiser, road, tandem. His tandem bike made the perfect getaway vehicle at the end of the night.

An odd sandy light cloaked the purple mountains half way through the ceremony, which gave way to a stunning sunset an hour later Then, the great escape – this image will stick with me for the rest of my life as just moments before I got a permanent scar from the most wicked sparklers this side of Chengdu. The very next day, at Cheyene & Chad’s wedding, the mention of a sparkler exit came up. At that point I felt like Indiana Jones when somebody says, snakes.

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