Heidi + Tim :: Magnolia Ballroom Denver Wedding

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Magnolia Ballroom Denver Wedding | Heidi + Tim

“Go west!” said Dandy, the great king of Cheeseheads. And so they went, drawn to the year-round sunshine and that Thomas Payne-sense of independence. “We’re having the wedding here” was probably one sentence that set several pairs of eyes rolling back in Wisconsin but soon adventure caught among the inner circle. Magnolia Ballroom put on it’s usual urban hipster vibe, and it’s street-level location makes popping out for a quick outdoor photo a dream.

Now THAT’s a Guest List

Did you know that if you send a wedding invitation to Mickey and Minnie Mouse, they will respond? So do Cinderella and Prince Charming, the Queen of England, and the President. They could easily ignore these invitations or send back a canned response. Instead, each of them personally congratulates the couple and sends them something nice like a “Just Married” button (that’s more than some relatives do). It’s a simple gesture that everyone talks about with their friends — it also spreads some warm and fuzzy feelings for their brand. (And hey, if the Queen of England can do it, you can too.)

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