Fort Collins LDS Wedding

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Fort Collins LDS Wedding :: Julie & James

“We Can Do Hard Things” said the sign, hanging above a photo of the Salt Lake Temple in James’ boyhood home. It’s a a portion of a quote from Allan Packer and speaks to a viruous life filled with a quiet dignity and inner strength. So James’ parents were ready for a few stressful moments when the signed on to host a backyard wedding for their artist son and his bride, an Alaskan concert violinist.

In between the raindrops were vows, donuts, laughs, fellowship, and some choice eats from The Crock Spot food truck. Eric Hovey provided the rich soundtrack — broken only for a couple live performances. First was Julie, together with her new stepdaughters, playing a violin trio cover of Black Eyed Peas “Tonight”. Then the groom sang a favorite folk song, accompanied by his new wife.

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