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Fort Collins is proud to host the second LDS Temple in Colorado just off Timberline Road on Majestic Drive. We offer two Temple Wedding Photography service levels — a two hour package, and a six hour service level if you’re hosting a reception elsewhere in the Fort Collins area. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for pricing and inquiry information. A wedding party lines up at fort collins lds temple wedding on a summer day by the fountain. It was a warm August day and the light was just right for backlit portraits. Shooting in these conditions without a flash can be a challenge but the tone-neutral reflection from the concrete yields more balanced light. I stood pretty far back with a 135 telephoto lens for a some compression — that you normally wouldn’t see with a big group photo. Groomsmen joke around during a fort collins lds temple wedding in fort collins colorado. There are two photos in this series. The first is a wide angle vertical shot that places the men in perspective to the large Temple behind them. The second is a more intimate shot, with more emotion and highlights their intimate community. From my memory, the first image was shot at 24mm while the second was most likely an 85, or possibly a 135. bride and groom relax after their fort collins lds temple wedding in fort collins colorado family groups celebrate at a fort collins lds temple wedding in fort collins colorado A two image panel shot during a Fort Collins LDS Temple wedding in Fort Collins, Colorado by tomKphoto. The first image is a simple detail image in soft light of a bride’s bouquet with the second image has more drama both in subject and lighting. The second image has a bride & groom kissing in front of the Temple fountain with strong afternoon backlight. I probably used an 24-70 zoom lens at around 60mm for the bouquet image and a 135 telephoto for the backlit kissing shot. This couple was a pleasure to work with and the photos around the Temple had a breezy and playful mood. A groom speeds away after a Fort Collins LDS Temple wedding reception in Fort Collins, Colorado. The wedding couple’s mischievous friends decorated the car while the bride & groom were busy celebrating with family. The look of surprise on frustration on the groom was comical as the decorations made it difficult to even enter the vehicle. In the end he was able to open the door for his bride but first had to climb over the center console to get to his driver’s throne. This image was intentionally shot with a little motion blur and off-camera flash to exaggerate the manic exit.

Fort Collins LDS Temple Wedding :: Brittany + Ryan

A beautiful Summer afternoon greeted the bride & groom after their sealing, with family & friends ready to congratulate them! We put together some family groupings around the fountains and archways at the Temple grounds, then off to a reception next door at Church at Carmichael & Trilby. Brittany’s Mom put her heart into the decorations, with a little help from her friends. Congrats to the new couple and best of luck in their new home in Greeley!

denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-835 denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-836 flowers and bride reception food settings in a fort collins lds wedding denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-839 bride and groom portraits during a fort collins lds wedding denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-845 A backyard reception held just after a Fort Collins LDS Temple wedding in Fort Collins, Colorado. This image, shot with a wide angle lens of around 20mm shows a community of guests arriving while children play in the yard. The reception is set to last into the evening with bistro lights, a dance floor, and tiki torches. The inviting atmosphere and gracious hosts ensure this will be a wedding reception to remember. cakes flowers and violin during a fort collins lds wedding children eating donuts during a fort collins lds wedding denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-852 denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-853 denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-854 denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-855 sisters toast during a fort collins lds wedding denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-857 bride plays violin during a fort collins lds wedding denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-859 roasting marshmellows in a backyard wedding denver colorado denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-861 denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-862 denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-863 denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-864 denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-865 denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-866 denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-867 denver-backyard-wedding-tomKphoto-868

Fort Collins LDS Temple Wedding Backyard Reception

“We Can Do Hard Things” said the sign, hanging above a photo of the Salt Lake Temple in James’ boyhood home. It’s a a portion of a quote from Allan Packer and speaks to a viruous life filled with a quiet dignity and inner strength. So James’ parents were ready for a few stressful moments when the signed on to host a backyard wedding for their artist son and his bride, an Alaskan concert violinist.

In between the raindrops were vows, donuts, laughs, fellowship, and some choice eats from The Crock Spot food truck. Eric Hovey provided the rich soundtrack — broken only for a couple live performances. First was Julie, together with her new stepdaughters, playing a violin trio cover of Black Eyed Peas “Tonight”. Then the groom sang a favorite folk song, accompanied by his new wife.

family waits by the fountain during a fort collins lds temple wedding in fort collins colorado Grandpa shows off his fun socks during a fort collins lds temple wedding in fort collins colorado. The color purple was on parade for this wedding and relative had fun display their color solidarity with the bride and groom. Both of this photos were taken during the tradition wait outside of the Temple for the couple to arrive from their sealing. The first image was taken with a 24mm wide angle lens, while the second more observational image with with an 85mm short telephoto. brides red hair lights up the sky during a fort collins lds temple wedding in fort collins colorado

Fort Collins LDS Temple Wedding :: Nicole + MaCormick

These two families drove in hundreds of miles to be one of the first couples to marry at the new Temple. It was a treat to spend time with both of their families in the sun and capture all the red hair in my lens. Oh the places you will go and the things you will see.

Temple Wedding Photography by tomKphoto

  • Download your high-resolution images in color and black/white two weeks from Wedding Day
  • I’m used to organizing large family groups and bring chairs for the elderly to relax during the family session
  • After photographing over 600 wedding throughout the Rocky Mountain West, I’m used to the chaotic energy and changing conditions throughout the day
  • Highest quality equipment — super sharp lenses and fast cameras to capture the fun
Two Services Levels That Are Perfect For Your Fort Collins LDS Temple Wedding
  • $1550 — up to 6 hours of photography to be split between the Temple and a Fort Collins-area reception later in the day
  • $650 — up to 2.5 hours of photography on the Temple grounds, starting 30 mins before you plan to emerge from your sealing

Planning a Fort Collins LDS wedding? It would be my honor to document it. We can work with your Temple schedule and get you a collection of images to preserve your families’ memories of the day. Please complete the contact forms below.

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