Diane + Cody :: Country BBQ Wedding

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Diane & Cody | Country BBQ Wedding | Tapestry House Laporte, Colorado

Loud, ornery, chaotic — thus describes Dee and Cody’s chosen posse. Another day at the office for me, as the funnest (and my favorite) weddings always an irreverent vibe.  Keep charged batteries in the camera and your finger on the trigger. Tapestry House hosted an extention of Lucky Joe’s as Cody’s a manager there and much of this crew frequents the club. Even Marty Nightengale (a Lucky Joe’s regular) was on hand to play a stream of country favorites.

Over the years we’ve seen a fun migration of unity cermonies — distant cousins of the candle lighting ceremony during a church wedding. D & C decided on a whisky aging ceremony, and the results will be consumed on the couple’s one year anniversary. Cheers!

If you’re planning a Country BBQ Wedding, or any fun event, it would be my honor to document it. Please click on the camera below to see if I’m available on your day.

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