Devils Thumb Ranch Wedding Photographer

I’m proud to be a Devil’s Thumb Ranch Wedding Photographer — capturing love in 6,000 love-filled acres the heart of the Colorado Rockies.

wildflowers in bloom during Summer Devils Thumb Ranch wedding in Tabernash Winter Park Colorado by tomKphoto dress hangs and mother of bride assists during Devils Thumb Ranch wedding in Tabernash Winter Park Colorado by tomKphoto water and wildflowers with bride and groom Devils Thumb Ranch wedding in Tabernash Winter Park Colorado by tomKphoto ceremony vertical with proud bride during Devils Thumb Ranch wedding in Tabernash Winter Park Colorado by tomKphoto bride escorted by father in processional during Devils Thumb Ranch wedding in Tabernash Winter Park Colorado by tomKphoto devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-437 flowers with continental divide sunset during Devils Thumb Ranch wedding in Tabernash Winter Park Colorado by tomKphoto devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-439 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-440 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-441 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-442 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-443 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-444 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-445 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-446 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-447 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-448 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-449 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-450 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-451 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-452 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-453 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-454 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-455 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-456 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-457 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-458 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-459 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-460 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-461 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-462 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-463 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-464 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-465 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-466 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-467 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-468 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-469 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-470 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-471 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-472 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-473 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-474 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-475 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-476 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-477 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-478 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-479 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-480 devils-thumb-ranch-wedding-photographer-tomKphoto-481

Devils Thumb Ranch Wedding Photographer | Winter Park, Colorado

In the not too distant past, if you told someone you were going to have a wedding at Devil’s Thumb Ranch, they’d think it was going to be some sort of cool cross-country skiing affair. After all, Devil’s Thumb was known since the 1970’s as beautiful (but sleepy) Nordic ski facility. A nice warming hut/lunch room in the spoke of incredibly scenic trails near an old stagecoach line. I used to emcee events at the warming hut when I worked for KBCO, which was convenient as my date (later wife) was an avid Nordic fan. Bruce Cockburn records, bottle of wine and s’mores around the fire. Today, it’s a world class facility with a staff to match, yet the famed Nordic trails are still there and the land itself looks just as any old timer would remember. This is a low-impact high-end getaway.

First time visitors to Devil’s Thumb are struck by the sweeping panorama of the Colorado Divide and the wide-open air where anything can happen. Bring a mountain bike as the trails are rewarding, as is the hiking, horseback riding, and you’re a quick walk away from one of Colorado’s highest zip lines.

Since 2008, I’ve been photographing Devils Thumb Ranch Wedding at this serene spot. Outdoor images take on that classic you-in-the-lanscape among the water, wildflowers and dynamic skies. Many couple’s who host family and friends here call it the “best weekend of our lives.” We try to keep the photographic process as discreet as possible so your remember a wedding, not a photo shoot. Aiming to capture real moments, the fastest cameras are used with very sharp lenses and creative wireless flash when the lights go down. We work fast, in the background. Our photo coverage is tailored to your day — number of photographers, length of coverage, and final printed works all to your desire.

Why I Love a Devils Thumb Ranch Wedding

My wife and I recently celebrated our 20th anniversary (thank you), and as you imagine reviewing our wedding images was a big part of the celebration. On your anniversary it’s not images of the material things that will warm your heart, it’s the shots of your favorite aunt tell that joke she always tells. It’s the shots of your best friend dancing your parents. It’s the unexpected images of you eyeing your new spouse from across a busy room. We’ve been there. We know what it’s like to be in the middle of this perfect (planned) storm, and the rhythm of when to step in versus when to step back and journal it all.

Weather it’s a destination wedding or your permanently here for a reason (and not just a season), I’d be honored to document your day. Please click on the CONTACT text button for availability and service details.

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