CSU Oval Wedding :: Senior Center Reception

CSU Oval Wedding Ceremony | Fort Collins Senior Center Reception

A CSU Oval Wedding to remember. This was one of those wedding days that went in such a whirlwind, driving home I’d ask myself, “what just happened?” Sometimes you just hang and and keep on clicking. Moments to remember … Lincoln busting out when he saw Kristen for the first time during the CSU Oval processional. Kristen’s massive dress malfunction during the cocktail hour while teams of women had their head up her dress while she drank cocktails and hugged well-wishers. The 30+ minute long speeches section with toasts offered up by the young, the old, the drunk, the sober. At one point I thought the microphone to me as I was the only one who didn’t make a speech (kidding — it was a lot of speeches). Then came the dancing. Folks, the CSU Thespian Department knows how to dance! And for the bouquet toss, Kristen threw it up and got it lost in the lighting fixture. Oh well, time for more dancing. Thanks to my wife Sonia for shooting this one with me. 2,500 shutter clicks between us. Just keep shooting.

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