Courtney + Marc :: Inverness Hotel Wedding Denver

Courtney & Marc | Inverness Hotel Wedding & Reception

A wedding venue so special to me that I asked my wife Sonia to come along and help photograph. We were married here back when it was called Scanticon — way before Park Meadows Mall — way before Ikea.

And here we are to meet Courtney in room 5001 — The President’s Suite. The suite were John Kerry crammed for Presidential Debate #2 in the 2004 Election. The suite were my new wife, close friends and I partied until 3 a.m on our Wedding Night (well, next morning technically). Here we go … knock knock.

But this isn’t about your photographer’s past, this is about Courtney & Marc. Back to the future. Courtney’s family from the West Slope was so gracious hosting family, friends, and their new in-laws from all over the country. C & M are realistic, and know marriage won’t be 24-7 bliss but they have something no other couple has — an emergency box. They wrote secret notes to each other, got a bottle really nice wine, and hammered it shut during the ceremony. If things ever get really dicy in marriage, break open the box! By chance if they never fight, never have the moment of truth, then they can just pop it open on their 50th Anniversary and remember this day. The box and hammer were fashioned by relatives, and I couldn’t resist making the ornate hammer a prop for Courtney & Marc’s ring shot.

We’ll Be Back

After saying good night and well-wishes to the couple, Sonia and I retired to our own hotel room (not the President’s Suite, it was booked) and reflected on our day at The Inverness and all the years and laughs since. Although the name has been changed from The Scanticon when we married here, the architecture, great staff, and vibes are unchanged. Looking forward to returning again!

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