Christ The King Evergreen Wedding Photographer

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Christ The King Evergreen Wedding :: Erika & Marcus

A simple wedding allows what is truly important to stand out — faith and family. Full joy smothered in real celebration, said the menu at today’s event. Erika & Marcus picked a perfect Summer day to get married with their close friends the cheer them on, it’s always to a treat to visit Christ The King Evergreen.

Janelle & Steve | Christ The King Evergreen Wedding

Confession — Janelle’s family bears such a strong resemblance to my own tribe of Missouri German Catholics I fully expected one of my cousins to pop out of the crowd at any moment and quip, “surprise!” The same looks, the same humor, the same devotion to family and church. Needless to say, I knew how to blend in and become a fly on a wall.

Christ The King in Evergreen has that classic 1970’s Colorado look with dark woods and stone that are a photographic joy and challenge at the same time. Subjects walk from dark pockets to full window-lit sun in one gate of walking. You have to stay on your toes, exposure-wise, and I know from my years growing up in Catholic churches — flash is a no-no.

After a full Mass, the couple skipped a receiving line and we made it directly to The Den at Fox Hollow off Morrison Road. Connected to the Fox Hollow Golf Course, if offers a classy open-air stone gazebo that allows you to fully take in the scenery and enjoy a Summer breeze with your reception laughter. Pretty perfect. My partner in crime, MC Johnny Cruz whipped up a special brand of open-air, family-friendly music fun. No LMAO at this reception, lol.

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