Brookside Gardens Colorado Wedding Photographer

We are proud to be a Brookside Gardens Colorado Wedding Photographer. Magical events happen here. Three acres of big Colorado skies and distant mountainscapes. This former plant nursery now houses an event center and spa that’s becoming a key destination for Northern Colorado weddings.

The on-site spa & salon pays dividends, as bridal parties can go from hair + makeup to full dressing in the same building. No car rides or traffic to add to the pre-wedding stress. Upstairs, the attic prep rooms have a modern classic look and plenty of room spread out and check yourself in the mirror. From the bride’s preparation room, it’s a dramatic balcony and staircase walk down to the ceremony that’s close by.

Wedding guests feel special at Brookside Gardens. From the start, there’s the easy location and ample parking. Grandparents with wheelchairs can easily navigate the flat and well-paved facility. The nursery heritage comes with a lot of color that’s changing throughout the year. Have a wedding in August, and guests will be greeted by a giant Black-eyed Susan planting.

bride puts on her dress during a brookside gardens colorado wedding in berthoud colorado bride walks down stairs during a brookside gardens colorado wedding in berthoud colorado

Brookside Gardens Colorado Wedding :: Courtney + Mark

She’s an engineer, he’s in marketing. A sorta of blind date got arranged and Courtney’s parents were a bit nervous about her going out with someone they knew nothing about. Late into the evening of the first date, some panic set in as Courtney didn’t check in as usual. 10 o’clock came and went with no text. Then, 11 o’clock. Now we’re really worried. At 11.24 a text comes in. Best … date … ever

May all your dates be the best ever. Thanks for letting me ride shotgun on your super awesome fun time Brookside Gardens wedding.

bride and groom among the black eye susans during a Brookside Gardens Colorado Wedding berthoud colorado tomKphoto father of groom dances during Brookside Gardens Event Center Wedding berthoud colorado tomKphoto Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto322 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto323 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto324 wide angle wedding party during Brookside Gardens Event Center Wedding berthoud colorado tomKphoto Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto326 groomsmen under oval during a Brookside Gardens Colorado Wedding berthoud colorado Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto328 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto329 reception dancers surround camera during Brookside Gardens Event Center Wedding berthoud colorado tomKphoto Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto331 food decor buffet during Brookside Gardens Event Center Wedding berthoud colorado tomKphoto groomsmen in field during a Brookside Gardens Colorado Wedding berthoud colorado Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto334 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto335 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto336 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto337 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto338 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto339 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto340 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto341 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto342 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto343 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto344 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto345 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto346 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto347 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto348 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto349 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto350 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto351 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto352 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto353 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto354 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto355 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto356 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto357 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto358 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto359 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto360 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto361 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto362 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto363 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto364 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto365 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto366 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto367 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto368 Brookside-Gardens-Event-Center-Wedding-Photographer-tomKphoto369

Brookside Gardens Colorado Wedding Photographer

One thing I particularly like about Brookside is the layout / orientation options they offer, for BOTH the ceremony and the reception. For ceremonies, guests can be seated facing West (towards the mountains) or North (towards the long trellis). Most couple’s immediate preference would be facing the mountains, but think twice — it places your guests staring straight into blinding afternoon setting sun. With a Northern facing guests, the afternoon light is now at everyone’s side (less retina damage). The reception facility is vast, with plenty of breathing space for dinner presentation and dancing.

My favorite dance floor location is on the South side, next to the large patio roll-up door. Put the door up and the dancefloor takes on a beach feel with cool breezes keeping the hot dancing comfortable. Plus, guest can just wander out to the quieter patio highboys and share conversation with family and friends they haven’t seen for awhile. One more vote for dancing on the Southern greenhouse side, the white ceiling takes on and amplifies whatever DJ L.E.D. uplighting is in the room. Blues, purples and pinks become even more vivid (versus the wood surroundings of the food presentation / high ceiling area). I love options!

The venue keeps a stable of professional wedding vendors. Over the seasons, I’ve had the distinction of working Brookside events with Greenspoint Catering, Food For Thought (best mashed potatoes in The West), Best Day FloralMC Johnny Cruz and  Sounds Of The Rockies. Planning your own Brookside Gardens Colorado Wedding? It would be my honor to document it. Please click on the CONTACT text button above to see if I’m available on your day.

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