Brittainy + Lorenzo :: Highland Meadows Big Red Barn Wedding

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Brittainy & Lorenzo | Highland Meadows Big Red Barn Wedding | Windsor, Colorado

The University of Northern Colorado was the meeting place for this love-to-dance pair who dreamed of an over-the-top barn wedding with hip hop music. My daughter Helen and I shot this with an anything-goes attitude. Every bridesmaid and groomsman was a joker, and a photographer felt like the eye of reality show storm.

Sharon Millis added the fresh color and Michael Waldron was our tribal leader, but all praise goes to Brittainy’s parents for the endless Do It Yourself decor. Her Dad built custom rustic doorways and backdrops. Her mom finished out the fun banners, the gifty s’mores kits in the old bookkeeper’s file cabinet (Brittainy’s an accountant), and fun photoboards in tribute to those with us in person (and in spirit). All wrapped up with a last sparkler kiss at the end of the evening. Just another November night in Colorado.

If you’re planning a Highland Meadows Big Red Barn Wedding, it would be my honor to document it. Please click on the camera below to see if I’m available on your day.

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